Ultimate Reflective Replacement Collar for Shock and Bark Collars – Durable, Comfortable and Adjustable Straps Keep Your Dog Visible and Safe


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The PetJoy Shock Collar Replacement Collar Strap is the ultimate accessory to keep your pup safe during training sessions or late night walks. This reflective, heavy-duty collar replacement ensures your dog stays visible in low-light conditions for enhanced safety.

Crafted from robust nylon webbing, this shock collar strap replacement withstands even the most rambunctious play. The weather-resistant material also stands up to exposure from the elements, making it a long-lasting addition to your pup’s gear.

An adjustable strap length accommodates necks 8 to 25 inches around, fitting everything from petite pups to muscular canines with ease. Simply slide the durable plastic buckle to tighten or loosen for a customized fit that keeps your dog comfy.

Sewn joints provide added strength at stress points for enhanced durability. The 1-inch wide straps distribute pressure evenly around your dog’s neck to prevent pinching or chafing during wear. Smooth, flat edges won’t catch and tug hair while your pup is on the move.

High visibility reflective threading is woven throughout the length of the strap, offering 360 degrees of visibility. The subtle silver threads reflect light from car headlights, flashlights and other sources to make your dog clearly visible. This added safety feature gives you peace of mind during night walks, camping trips or backyard romps.

The collar replacement straps easily attach to most shock collars, bark collars, training collar receivers and other devices using collar probes or contact points. Simply remove the existing collar from your device and thread these sturdy straps through the appropriate slots to securely fasten it. No special tools or hardware required!

Give your pup a stylish look with bold colors including red, blue, green and orange available. Or go with classic black or grey for a more low-key aesthetic. Either way, this collar replacement adds visibility and personality to training gear.

With thoughtful design, premium materials and an affordable price, this collar strap replacement has all the features you need to boost safety and performance. The PetJoy Shock Collar Replacement Collar Strap offers:

Durable, Weather-Resistant Nylon Construction – Withstands wear and tear from an active pup
Customizable Fit – Adjustable strap length fits necks 8 to 25 inches around
Even Pressure Distribution – 1-inch wide straps prevent pinching and chafing
Safety Reflective Threading – Enhances visibility in low-light conditions
Universal Compatibility – Easily attaches to most shock and bark collars
Bold Color Choices – Pops of color show off your pup’s style
Smoothed Edges – Prevent tugging of hair during wear
Easy On/Off – Plastic buckle provides quick fitting and removal
Sewn Joints – Offer reinforced strength at stress points
Take your dog’s training and safety to the next level with the PetJoy Shock Collar Replacement Collar Strap. The heavy-duty nylon withstands vigorous activity while reflective threading and a customizable fit keep your pup secure and comfortable.

Whether you’re correcting problem behaviors, deterring excessive barking or reinforcing obedience commands, this collar replacement has your dog covered. The universal design also makes it easy to swap out the strap on your existing shock or bark collar for quick installation and hassle-free use.

With its high-quality materials and smart features, the PetJoy collar strap replacement provides excellent value. Give your loyal companion the enhanced visibility he deserves while avoiding expensive replacements from shock collar manufacturers.

Your energetic pup stays safe on night time adventures, and you get peace of mind knowing your training equipment is secure. For stronger, longer-lasting collar straps, choose the PetJoy Shock Collar Replacement and keep your furry friend visible in low light.


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