Trekior 4 Pack Dog Flower Collar Charms – Adorable Satin Pet Accessories For Dogs and Cats


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Give your furry friend a fresh new look with these adorable Trekior flower collar charms! Made of luxurious satin and mesh fabrics, these colorful floral charms add a touch of flower power to your pet’s style.

Your dog or cat will look absolutely fetching with a bright, vibrant daisy, rose, or carnation perched on their collar. Available in timeless classic colors like cherry red, blushing pink, and pretty in pink, these floral charms are a perfect accessory for your precious pup or kitty.

Fashionable, Fun, and Functional Dog and Cat Accessories

Spice up your pet’s look and bring a smile to everyone who sees them strolling down the street. These collar charms are more than just a stylish accent – they’re also designed for convenience and comfort.

Each flower charm has a stretchy elastic band on the backside that slips effortlessly onto any standard sized collar measuring 0.6 to 1.4 inches wide. The elastic band is adjustable to fit small, medium, and large breed collars and can be positioned anywhere along the collar band.

Once attached, the elastic holds the charm securely in place so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off or getting caught on anything. Simply stretch and slip the charm on or off whenever you want to change your pet’s look.

The collar charms are made with lightweight satin and mesh so they won’t weigh your pet’s collar down. The smooth fabrics and stitching won’t irritate your pet’s skin or snag their fur. Let your dog or cat strut their stuff in floral style and comfort!

Perfect Accessory for Any Occasion

Jazz up your pet’s everyday ensemble or give them a special look for holidays, birthdays, weddings, photo shoots, and more! These festive and feminine charms are a fun way to include your furry best friend in celebrations and milestones.

Clip a vivid red rose on your pup’s collar for Valentine’s Day or a burst of pink peonies for a springtime picnic. Get your pet party-ready with a pops of pink daisy or carnation for a birthday pawty. A polished white orchid, calla lily, or rose looks elegant and glamorous for weddings and formal events.

The flower charms also photograph beautifully to capture lasting memories with your dog or cat. The bright colors and intricate details of the floral designs will make your pet pop in photos.

Dress your dog or cat to impress for any occasion with these chic collar charms!

Premium Quality Materials and Construction

These collar accessories are thoughtfully designed and well-made to beautify your pet’s look. The flower charms are crafted with:

  • Soft, satiny polyester fabric petals and leaves
  • Delicate mesh fabric for dimension and texture
  • Pliable wire frames to shape the flowers
  • Cotton thread reinforced stitching for durability
  • Flexible elastic bands with adjustable sliding loops for a perfect fit

The materials are all non-toxic and pet-safe so you can have peace of mind knowing the charms are harmless for your dog or cat to wear.

With meticulous construction and attention to detail, these flower charms are built to grace your beloved pet’s collar with beauty and vibrant color. The smooth fabrics and secure elastic will keep the charms comfortably in place whether your active pup is running and playing or your kitty is lounging and napping.

Mix and match colors for a custom bouquet to complement your dog or cat’s unique personality and style!

Versatile Use Beyond Pets

While these floral charms were designed for cats and dogs, their uses don’t end with pets! The elastic loops on the back of the charms can also be slipped onto headbands, shoelaces, belts, handbags, hats, and more to accessorize your own look.

Clip on a brilliant red rose or pink carnation to dress up a plain headband. Slip a petite pink daisy onto the laces of your sneakers or heels for a dash of flair. Weave matching colors into braids or ponytail holders for a fun pop of color.

Hook the stretchy band onto belts, straps on a backpack or purse handles to infuse your style with a fresh flower detail. Style the charms onto wide brimmed sun hats or floppy beach hats. There are so many possibilities!

Use these versatile floral accessory charms on yourself, your pets, bags, clothing, and more. With 4 different flower options in a pack, you can mix and match colors and bloom in beautiful style anywhere you go.

A Thoughtful Gift for Pet Lovers

Do you have a friend or family member who is obsessed with their fur baby? Surprise them with this set of pet collar charms for their beloved dog or cat!

Pet parents and fur moms/dads will appreciate these thoughtful accessories to pamper their pooch or kitty. The flowers add a special touch of beauty and personality to their pet’s look.

Give the gift of floral style to decorate their precious pup or kitten. These charms are sure to put a smile on both pet and pet parent!

Complete the Look!

Now that your pet is blooming with gorgeous flower collar charms, finish off their look with other matching accessories! Consider getting:

  • A stylish outfit or pet dress with florals or pinks/reds
  • A flower pet tag for their collar featuring their name
  • Floral print leashes, harnesses, and carriers
  • Pet bows, bands, and hair clips with flowers
  • Plush flower toys for fetching and playing

Layer on the flower fashion to complement your dog or cat’s beautiful new floral charms!

Bring a bit of flower power into your pet’s life with these playful and pretty Trekior flower collar charms. With 4 vivid bloom options in a pack, you can switch up their style daily or for any occasion. Brighten your walks, celebrations, photos, and every day with these charming satin and mesh floral accents.


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