Treat Your Fur Baby to the Highest Quality Single-Ingredient Meal Topper


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Is your dog or cat getting bored with their usual kibble? Do you want an easy way to add a boost of flavor and nutrition to their diet? Look no further than Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes! This single-ingredient turkey liver meal topper is the perfect way to excite your pet at mealtimes.

Turkey Liver Sourced and Made in the USA

Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes start with 100% turkey liver sourced from family farms right here in the United States. We never source our turkey liver from overseas. Once sourced, our turkey liver is gently freeze dried in our human grade facility in the Midwest to lock in nutrients and create a shelf-stable, crunchy topping. From farm to bowl, we keep a close eye on our supply chain to ensure you’re getting the highest quality turkey liver.

Just One Ingredient – Turkey Liver

Unlike many other meal toppers on the market, our Turkey Shake A Flakes have just one ingredient – turkey liver. No grains, potatoes, fillers or preservatives are added. We believe pets thrive on a species-appropriate ancestral diet, and turkey liver provides a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients dogs and cats need.

Improves Mealtime Excitement and Satiety

Sprinkle a tablespoon or two of our turkey liver flakes onto your pet’s usual kibble or wet food to add a boost of flavor and texture. The crunch and savory liver taste gets pets excited to dive into their bowls. Turkey liver is also very satiating, so adding shake a flakes helps pets feel fuller faster, curbing begging behaviors.

Supports Overall Health

In addition to being a tasty meal booster, turkey liver provides significant nutritional and health benefits for pets, including:

  • High quality protein to support lean muscle mass and an ideal body condition
  • Essential fatty acids for skin and coat health
  • Iron, copper, manganese, and other minerals
  • Choline for cognitive function
  • Vitamins A, B vitamins, folic acid, and more
  • Prebiotics to support digestion and immunity

With a powerful nutrient profile, adding turkey liver shake a flakes to your pet’s diet is an easy way to provide vital nutrition they need.

Batch Tested for Safety

We know pet parents value peace of mind when it comes to quality. That’s why every batch of Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes undergoes laboratory testing for pathogens and other contaminants before being approved for sale. We won’t release any product until it passes our stringent safety controls. When you feed our meal toppers, you can feel confident in what you’re giving your furry family members.

Convenient Resealable Bag

Our turkey liver meal toppers come in a 4.5 oz resealable bag, perfect for retaining freshness and preventing spills. The bag is lightweight and packs easily into your purse or treat pouch for on-the-go use. Just shake out the desired serving size onto your pet’s food each meal. The resealable zipper closure keeps the remaining flakes fresh until the next use.

Pet Parents Approve!

See what other pet parents are saying about Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes:

“My senior dog gets excited for mealtimes again after losing interest in her bland prescription food. Just a sprinkle of turkey liver perks her right up!” – Maggie W.

“This is a lifesaver for my picky cat. He licks his bowl clean when I add it to his wet food. It adds a nice crunch and flavor he goes crazy for.” – Lucas T.

“I love having just one simple, high quality ingredient to add nutrition without upsetting my dogs’ sensitive stomachs.” – Robin K.

Give Your Pets a Taste of the Wild They Instinctively Crave!

Dogs and cats are opportunistic carnivores designed to thrive on a protein-focused diet. With Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes Meal Topper, you can provide the tasty, crunchy, single-ingredient turkey liver your pet craves. Skip the artificial flavors, fruits and vegetables found in many other toppers and go wild with this premium protein-packed option instead!

Your pets give their unconditional love each day, and they deserve the best. Pamper them at mealtime with Raised Right Turkey Shake A Flakes today!


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