Treat Your Dog to Hours of Fun with the SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Camera Treat Dispenser!


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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to keep your dog entertained and active when you can’t be at home? The SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Camera Treat Dispenser is the perfect solution! This innovative pet camera allows you to play with and reward your dog from anywhere using your smartphone.

Rain Treats from The Sky for Your Furry Friend!
The SKYMEE SM-02 makes treat time exciting by scattering your dog’s favorite treats from the dispenser. Just load it up with treats sized 0.6cm to 1.1cm and use the app to activate the dispenser. Your dog will love scampering around trying to catch the raining treats! It’s a great way to keep them moving and engaged, especially when crated or confined to a room or yard. The random treat scatterings will capture their interest for hours of chasing, foraging, and fun.

See, Talk to, and Listen to Your Pet with HD Video & 2-Way Audio
In addition to remotely tossing treats, the SKYMEE app lets you check in on your pet in real time. With crisp 1080p HD video, you can monitor your home and keep an eye on your dog’s activities and behaviors. The wide 120° viewing angle gives you a panoramic view. The built-in microphone and speaker even allow you to talk to, praise, or correct your pet and hear their barks and noises in return. Feel connected even when you have to be apart!

Dispense Treats and Interact Day & Night with Infrared Night Vision
The SKYMEE SM-02 has 10 infrared LEDs that allow you to see and interact with your pet even after dark or in low light conditions. The night vision has an impressive range of up to 15-20 meters, so you can watch and communicate with crystal clarity any time of day. Toss treats for late night fun or surprise your early riser with a treat storm first thing in the morning before the sun comes up!

Convenient Power Options with Battery or Plug-In Setup
Power and set up the SKYMEE SM-02 easily using either battery or outlet power. For portability, insert 4 AA batteries and place the unit anywhere in Wi-Fi range. To conserve battery, simply plug into any USB outlet. The convenient options let you install the SKYMEE in the perfect spot to monitor your pet, anywhere inside or outside your home.

Quick & Easy App-Based Setup
Getting started with the SKYMEE SM-02 takes just minutes! First plug it in or insert batteries. Next, download the free Skymee app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and the app will walk you through the rest of the quick setup. In no time you’ll be flinging treats and interacting with your beloved pet.

Key Features:
Remotely fling dog treats via app to keep pets engaged and active
Crisp 1080p HD live video stream with wide 120° viewing angle
Infrared night vision clearly shows pets in low light up to 15-20m
Built-in mic & speaker for real-time 2-way talking and listening
Works with most treats sized 0.6cm to 1.1cm
Toss treats manually or set to auto-dispense on schedule
Receive smart alerts for treat low reminders and other notifications
Sleek and compact white cylinder design blends into any decor
Set up with battery power or plugged-in for flexible installation
Free Skymee app for iOS and Android controls it all!
Give Your Dog Hours of Stimulation and Fun from Anywhere
Forget boring, passive pet cams that just let you watch your dog snooze all day. The SKYMEE SM-02 Dog Camera Treat Dispenser takes interactive pet care to the next level! Toss treats on-demand for surprise enrichment or schedule automatic dispensing for pets home alone. The smart treat camera guarantees wagging tails and big smiles the moment you login. Bring fun and connection to your pet parenting with SKYMEE!


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