Train Your Dog Without Stress using the Petrainer Training Collar


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Tired of your dog’s bad behavior? Struggling with barking, leash pulling, or disobedience? The Petrainer Training Collar for Dogs offers a humane and effective solution. This rechargeable e-collar features 3 safe training modes – static stimulation, vibration, and beep tone – to correct unwanted behavior and reinforce obedience training.

Break Bad Habits for Good
The Petrainer Training Collar allows you to put an end to problem behaviors like excessive barking, leash pulling, jumping, aggression, and more. The static stimulation delivers a safe static correction that gets your dog’s attention without harming them. You control the exact level of static stimulation to use, starting low and increasing only as needed. The vibration mode offers a gentler tactile correction, while the beep tone provides a warning cue. With consistency, you’ll break those bad habits for good.

Waterproof and Rechargeable
The Petrainer Training Collar features a waterproof receiver collar that’s perfect for dogs who love swimming and playing in the water. The remote transmitter and receiver collar are both rechargeable, so you never have to deal with buying replacement batteries. Just charge up the units before heading out for training sessions that can last for days at a time.

Effective Up to 330 Yards
Designed with advanced RF434Mhz technology, the remote trainer delivers an impressive 330 yard range. This gives you great flexibility in training your dog at the park, on hikes, at the beach, or anywhere your adventures may take you. The remote is easy to use with clearly marked buttons and intensity levels.

Comfortable, Customizable Fit
Your dog’s comfort is important, which is why the Petrainer Training Collar features soft silicone contacts that prevent irritation. Fitting bands and collar straps are fully adjustable for a perfect fit on dogs 5 pounds and up. Get the right tightness to keep the receiver snug against your dog’s neck.

Positive Reinforcement for Lasting Results
While the training collar provides important corrections, we always recommend positively reinforcing desired behaviors with treats and praise. This builds trust and bonding while teaching your dog the right things to do, not just what not to do. Be patient, keep sessions short and rewarding, and you’ll see amazing results in your dog’s behavior, responsiveness, and obedience.

What’s In the Box
The Petrainer Training Collar set includes:

1 x Rechargeable Collar Receiver
1 x Remote Transmitter
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Adjustable Collar Strap
1 x Training Manual
Frequently Asked Questions
Is the static stimulation safe for my dog?

Yes, the Petrainer Training Collar has been designed to be 100% dog-safe. The stimulation levels are mild and non-harmful, delivering just enough of a tingle to get your dog’s attention. The stimulation stops automatically once your dog responds to the correction.

How is the Petrainer collar different from shock collars?

Unlike harsh shock collars, the Petrainer Training Collar has stimulus controls that increase stimulation gradually and only as needed. It’s designed to get your dog’s attention, not hurt them. The stimulation is harmless and additional training modes provide more options.

Will the collar work for my dog’s breed?

The Petrainer Training Collar is effective and safe for all dog breeds. The adjustable, waterproof collar fits necks 5 inches and larger, so it works for dogs small, medium, and large. The remote range makes it versatile for training any energetic breed.

Can I use the collar for two dogs at once?

The Petrainer collar set can only train one dog at a time. We recommend purchasing two collars if you need to train two dogs simultaneously.

How long does the battery last?

Fully charged, the rechargeable collar offers days of operation depending on usage. Typical single daily sessions allow the battery to last for 10 days before needing to be recharged. Charging the unit fully takes only 2-3 hours.

Is the Petrainer Collar waterproof?

Yes, both the receiver collar and remote transmitter are 100% waterproof and can be used in all weather conditions. Even if your dog swims while wearing it, the collar will continue working as intended.

Train your dog without pain or stress using the safe, effective Petrainer Training Collar. Correct unwanted behaviors, reinforce obedience, and build the bond between you and your dog. Order the Petrainer Training Collar today!


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