Train Your Dog to Walk Nicely with the PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness


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Does your dog constantly pull on the leash, making walks a chore? The PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness can help end your leash struggles and start enjoying strolls together. With thoughtful design backed by a veterinary behaviorist, this harness gently discourages pulling for pleasant walks and better leash manners.

Unique Front-Clip Stops Pulling

Unlike traditional harnesses that attach on the back, this Easy Walk harness connects at the chest. The front-clip steering action turns your dog back towards you if they forge ahead or lunge. This minimizes choking and gagging from constant leash tension around the neck. Within weeks, you’ll have a polite walking companion at your side.

Padded for Comfort

The Deluxe version features padded neoprene straps across the chest and belly for chafe-free comfort. Your dog can enjoy lengthy walks without any skin irritation. The lightweight breathable padding also helps keep your pup cool on hot summer days. For added safety, reflective stitching enhances visibility at night.

Quick & Easy to Put On

The four adjustment points and snap buckles make fitting intuitive. Slide your dog’s head through the neck hole and clip the straps across the chest and under the belly. Tighten or loosen so the harness rests snugly with room for two fingers between the strap and body. You’ll be ready to hit the trails in under a minute!

Walks Are Safer for Dogs of All Sizes

Unlike restrictive head halters, the Easy Walk Harness gives your dog complete mobility of their head and neck. Whether you have an excitable small breed or powerful large dog, they’ll walk calmly and comfortably without choking. Available in sizes from petite to extra large, the hassle-free harness suits dogs from 6 to 130 pounds.

Training Tool Trusted by Pros

Developed by veterinary behaviorist Dr. Emily Weiss, the Easy Walk Harness is a top choice among professional dog trainers and shelters. The patented martingale loop instantly controls pulling without any complicated fitting or adjustments. Consistent use develops better habits for lifelong leash manners.

Expert Fit Specialists Available

Finding the right size harness for your dog can be tricky. PetSafe’s fit specialists have helped size over 1 million dogs and are available 6 days a week to help you. Just contact our U.S.-based customer care team by phone, email or online chat. We’ll make sure you get the perfect fit for maximum comfort.

Shop With Confidence

As an established leader in pet behavior and training products, PetSafe brand’s quality and safety standards are unmatched. Made with premium durable nylon, this easy-to-use harness will last through years of regular use. If you’re not completely satisfied, return any unused portion for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the front clip stop pulling?

The leash attachment at the chest steers your dog back towards you if they start pulling ahead. This redirects their energy and naturally discourages straining against the leash.

Will the harness injure my dog if they keep pulling?

No, the Easy Walk harness is designed to safely control pulling without harm. The limited material contact gives your dog unrestricted movement.

Is the harness escape proof?

Your dog should not be able to wriggle out of the properly fitted harness. However, it does not have the same security as an enclosure or crate designed for confinement. Always supervise your dog when wearing the harness.

Can I leave the harness on all day?

The lightweight padding helps prevent chafe when worn for a reasonable length of time. However, we recommend removing during periods of inactivity to avoid irritation.

How long does training take?

Many dogs respond within 2-4 weeks of consistent use. But every dog learns at a different pace, so be patient. With proper training, you’ll continue to see improvements in manners.

Will my strong puller ever walk nicely?

Yes! The Easy Walk harness gives you control over even the most powerful puller. But you must use it on every walk to reinforce the behavior. When fitted and used properly, you’ll achieve a loose leash walk.

Train your dog to walk politely and end frustrating leash pulls with the PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness. With smarter design and thoughtful features, it’s the easy way to happier walks together. Order yours today!


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