Train Your Dog Effectively with the PIOUNS Dog Shock Collar


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Struggling with your dog’s behavioral issues like excessive barking, aggression, or not listening to commands? The PIOUNS Dog Shock Collar is the innovative training tool you need to correct your dog’s bad habits. With customizable stimulation modes and a long remote range, this humane and safe shock collar allows you to reinforce obedience training for dogs of all sizes.

3 Customizable Training Modes

The PIOUNS Dog Shock Collar features 3 distinct training modes – beep, vibration, and static shock – so you can find the right stimulation method for your dog’s unique temperament and response.

The beep mode provides an audible tone as a warning cue before escalating to stronger stimulation. The vibration mode delivers a gentle buzz that startles your dog without being too harsh. For more stubborn behaviors, the adjustable shock mode safely delivers a static shock sensation ranging from level 1 to 16. The shock levels let you apply the minimum effective intensity to get your dog’s attention.

With the remote transmitter, you can easily switch between the modes and levels to find the right correction for your dog. The multiple options allow you to reinforce training and discipline your dog humanely.

Rechargeable and Waterproof Receiver Collar

Designed for all-day wear, the PIOUNS receiver collar is fully waterproof with an IP67 rating. This allows you to confidently use the shock collar for training or disciplining your dog indoors or outdoors, even in wet weather.

The receiver collar and remote transmitter both have built-in lithium-ion batteries that are conveniently rechargeable via the included USB charging cable. With battery life lasting 12-15 days for the collar and 30 days for the remote, you’ll enjoy extended use before needing to top up the charge. Helpful battery level indicators let you know when charging is needed.

Extended 1000ft Remote Range

Equipped with advanced radio technology, the remote transmitter has an outstanding range reach of up to 1000 feet. This long range gives you great flexibility to reinforce training over distances.

You can correct unwanted behaviors from inside the home while your dog is in the yard outside. The extended range also lets you discipline your roaming dog if they wander too far while off leash outdoors. Wherever your training takes place, you’ll have reliable remote control.

Customizable and Comfortable Collar Fit

Get the perfect fit for your dog’s neck size with the adjustable nylon collar strap. It safely secures the receiver collar on dogs weighing 15 to 100 pounds with neck sizes ranging from 8 to 27 inches.

For additional comfort, the collar receiver has rounded edges and smooth contacts that won’t irritate your dog’s skin during wear. The kit includes long and short silicone probe covers that distribute stimulation gently over wider skin contact points underneath your dog’s fur.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Remote

The ergonomic remote transmitter is designed for easy single-handed operation. The simple button layout lets you toggle between modes, adjust levels, and deliver stimulation with a click.

Helpful indicators display the chosen mode, stimulation level, and battery level at a glance. The remote also has a security keypad lock to prevent accidental activation when not in use.

How to Use the PIOUNS Dog Shock Collar

Using the shock collar properly is important for effective and humane training. Follow these steps when using the collar:

1. Place the collar – Position the receiver collar high on your dog’s neck close to the ears. Tighten so you can fit two fingers underneath for a snug fit.

2. Choose the mode – Decide which mode (beep, vibration, or shock) is most appropriate for correcting your dog’s behavior. Start at the lowest level.

3. Give a verbal command – Before using stimulation, give your dog a clear verbal command like “Sit” or “Stay”.

4. Use the remote – If your dog disobeys the command, press the remote button to deliver the stimulation.

5. Reward obedience – When your dog complies, provide affection and treats to reinforce the desired behavior.

6. Increase intensity if needed – If a lower level fails to achieve the desired response, gradually increase the intensity. But use the minimum stimulation needed for your dog to obey.

7. Use consistently – Be consistent when delivering stimulation upon disobedience and rewards for obedience. Being consistent with the collar use will achieve lasting training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the shock painful or harmful to my dog?

The shock level is designed to get your dog’s attention, not cause pain. The stimulation feels like a tingle and is harmless. The collar has been extensively tested for dog safety.

How old should my dog be before using the shock collar?

Your dog should be at least 6 months old before using the collar for training. Puppies under 6 months are still developing so check with your veterinarian first.

Will the collar work for aggressive dogs?

Yes, the shock collar can curb aggression in conjunction with professional training help. But extremely aggressive dogs may require alternative methods. Consult your vet or trainer.

Is the shock collar water resistant?

Yes, the receiver collar has a waterproof IP67 rating making it fully resistant to water and moisture during use or bathing. Just ensure the charging port cover is sealed.

Can I use the shock collar on small breeds?

The adjustable collar strap fits small dogs starting at just 15 lbs. But use the lowest settings and be especially careful when training small dog breeds.

How long does the battery last?

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 days on the collar and 30 days for the remote transmitter before needing a recharge. Battery level indicators alert you when charging is needed.

Start Obedience Training Today!

Don’t put up with your dog’s poor behavior for another day. The safe, humane, and highly effective PIOUNS Dog Shock Collar will help reinforce your dog’s training so they become the obedient companion you want. With customizable stimulation and extended range, you can correct unwanted behavior easily anywhere. Order the shock collar today and take control of your dog’s conduct!


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