Train Your Dog Easily with the PetJoy Vibrating Dog Collar


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Tired of your dog ignoring your calls or running off during walks? Struggling with getting your dog to follow basic commands? The PetJoy Vibrating Dog Collar is the perfect training solution for you and your furry friend!

Gentle Yet Effective Training

Unlike shock collars which can be painful and stressful for dogs, our vibrating dog collar uses gentle vibrations to get your pup’s attention. The collar features 3 training modes – beep, vibration, and beep + vibration – so you can find the right setting for your dog. The adjustable intensity levels allow you to start on low and increase as needed during training.

Long-Range Remote Control

The remote control has an incredible 1500ft range, allowing you to correct behaviors from a distance. Going on a hike? At the park? No problem – you’ll be able to reinforce training no matter how far your dog wanders. The collar also features auto-standby and power saving modes when not in use.

Perfect for Small and Medium Dogs

Our vibrating dog collar was designed for dogs weighing 15-100lbs with neck sizes of 15-25 inches. The collar has a slim profile that sits comfortably against your dog’s neck. Worried about it coming off? The adjustable nylon strap ensures a snug and secure fit.

Waterproof for Daily Use

Life happens – don’t let rain or a dip in the lake interrupt your training! The PetJoy dog collar is 100% waterproof with an IP67 rating. No need to take the collar off before baths or swimming. Just be sure to fully close the charging port cover.

Additional Key Features

Reliable and hassle-free vibration technology
Rechargeable battery lasts 7-10 days per 2 hour charge
LED indicator lets you know when battery is low
Charging stand for easy charging

Train a Well-Behaved Dog

A vibration collar is a safe and effective tool for training dogs of all ages. With the PetJoy Vibrating Dog Collar, you’ll be able to:

Stop excessive barking
Prevent jumping on people
Stop chasing/lunging at cars, people, animals
Come when called reliably
Walk nicely on a leash without pulling
Ignore distractions and stay focused on you

We Know Proper Training Takes Time

Learning good manners and obedience is a process. We want you to feel confident investing in our vibrating dog collar, so we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. We also include an eBook with tips on how to use the vibration collar for fast and effective training.

Give Your Dog the Gift of Good Behavior

Our vibrating collar is perfect for rescue dogs, high-energy breeds, or young puppies who need guidance. The gentle yet firm cues teach your dog how to be a polite member of the family and community. Grab a PetJoy Vibrating Dog Collar for you and your furry friend today!


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