Take Control of Walks with The PetBonus Double Dog Leash – No More Tangles or Twisted Leashes!


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Walking two dogs at once can be a hassle if you don’t have the right leash. Leashes get tangled, dogs get frustrated, and walks become more of a chore than an enjoyable bonding experience. That’s why we created the PetBonus Double Dog Leash – it’s designed to give you total control and comfort while walking your two four-legged friends.

This dual dog leash features 360° swivel clasps that connect each leash to the coupler clasp in the middle. These swiveling connection points prevent the leashes from getting twisted together, eliminating tangles and knots even as your dogs switch sides or walk around you. The leashes can rotate independently without affecting each other, giving your pups the freedom to walk comfortably without getting frustrated.

In addition to the tangle-free swivel clasps, the PetBonus leash has 4 padded handles so you can customize your grip. The handles are made of soft, comfortable neoprene and are easy on your hands – no more blisters or burns even during long walks. You can hold one handle to keep both dogs close, hold two handles for maximum control, or even give one handle to a walking partner so each person has control of one dog. The options are endless with this dual dog leash!

The leashes themselves are made of durable nylon webbing that’s been double-stitched for strength. The adjustable design extends from 23 to 32 inches, giving your dogs some room to explore and move while still keeping them safe by your side. And for better visibility, the leashes feature reflective stitching that shines bright at night when headlights hit it.

Here are a few other key features and benefits of the PetBonus Double Dog Leash:

No More Tangles: Swiveling coupler clasp connects securely to each leash, allowing them to rotate independently without getting twisted up.

Padded Handles: 4 comfortable neoprene handles give you options for controlling one or both dogs. Much easier on hands than plastic handles.

Adjustable Length: Each leash extends from 23 to 32 inches, giving your dogs freedom to move while staying secure.

Reflective Stitching: Enhances visibility at night for safety during evening/night walks.

Durable Construction: Weather-proof nylon webbing and sturdy hardware last through years of regular use.

Easy to Clean: Simply wipe down the leash with soap and water to keep it looking new.

Versatile Control: Walk two dogs in heel position, allow them to walk ahead of you, or give your walking partner control of the second leash.

Freedom of Movement: Dogs can switch sides or walk around you without getting tangled thanks to the 360° swivel coupler.

Backup Safety Feature: If one clasp fails, the other leash will still be connected securely.

Improved Behavior: Less pulling, tugging, and frustration makes for better leash manners.

The PetBonus Double Dog Leash has been tested by dog owners and dog walkers – they give it paws up for comfort, durability, and keeping two dogs under control with no tangles. Walking your dogs should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and this leash delivers frustration-free strolls.

We know your dogs mean the world to you, which is why we’ve included a collapsible silicone dog bowl and roll of waste bags with each leash purchase. The bowl folds down to just .5″ thin so you can stash it in your pocket or clip it to your leash. When it’s time for water, just pop the bowl open! And clean up is a cinch with the convenient waste bag dispenser – simply detach a bag as needed.

Experience hassle-free walks with your two favorite pups. Get the PetBonus Double Dog Leash today and take control of your dual dog walks!


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