Take Control of Walks and Teach Leash Manners with the Easy Walk Dog Harness


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Is your dog constantly pulling on the leash, making walks a struggle? As a fellow dog owner, I know how frustrating and tiring it can be. But with the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, you can take back control of walks and teach your dog better leash manners.

This ingenious harness has a front leash attachment that gently steers your dog back towards you if they start to pull ahead. The patented Martingale loop design also puts gradual pressure on your dog’s shoulders to discourage pulling. Unlike other harnesses, the Easy Walk doesn’t gag or choke your dog. It rests across their chest instead of their throat for maximum comfort.

Going for walks should be fun for both you and your dog. With the Easy Walk harness, your dog can explore smells, sights and sounds without yanking your arm off!

Why You’ll Love the Easy Walk Dog Harness

Stops Pulling and Improves Leash Manners

The front leash attachment lets you guide your dog back to your side. The snug fit and Martingale loop design make pulling uncomfortable. Your dog will quickly learn it’s easier not to pull!

Designed by a Veterinary Behaviorist

Developed in 2004 by a veterinary behaviorist, the Easy Walk harness has been tried and trusted by over 1 million pet parents and trainers.

Lightweight and Breathable

With less coverage than other harnesses, the Easy Walk is lightweight and won’t make your dog overheat on walks.

No Gagging or Choking

The Easy Walk rests across your dog’s chest, not their throat, so it won’t gag or choke them if they pull.

Quick and Easy to Fit

Color-coded straps and quick-snap buckles make getting the right fit simple. No more tangled messes or loose straps.

Expert Support Just a Phone Call Away

PetSafe’s USA-based customer care team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns about your Easy Walk harness.

Trusted Quality and Safety

As an established global leader in pet products since 1998, PetSafe is committed to your pet’s health, safety and happiness.

With the Easy Walk harness, you can feel confident you’re making walks enjoyable for both you and your four-legged friend. Plus it comes with PetSafe’s quality guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Take Control of Walks and Teach Better Manners

If your dog makes walking a chore, take control with the safe, effective and comfortable PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. With over 1 million harnesses sold, it’s the go-to solution for ending pulling and improving leash manners.

Order yours today and look forward to fun, relaxing walks with your dog!


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