Sleepypod Air – The Ultimate 3-in-1 Pet Carrier for Travel and Everyday


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The Sleepypod Air isn’t just an airline-approved pet carrier, it’s also a comfortable bed and safe car seat for your small dog or cat up to 17.5 lbs. This versatile 3-in-1 design means you get the maximum use out of one compact, thoughtfully designed product.

An Airline-Approved In-Cabin Carrier

The Sleepypod Air is designed to fit under most airline seats, letting you keep your pet safe and close on flights. The durable luggage-grade nylon exterior withstands frequent travel while the padded shoulder strap makes carrying easy. Both ends unzip for quick access to your pet for care and comfort.

To meet airline regulations, the Sleepypod Air compresses from 22” x 10.5” x 10.5” down to 16” x 10.5” x 8” to fit underseat. Despite the compact size, there’s ample room for your pet to sit, stand and turn inside. There are also large zippered pockets on the exterior sides for storing treats, medications, cleaning supplies, and other travel essentials.

Ultra Plush Bedding for Superior Comfort

Your pet will sleep soundly wherever you go thanks to the ultra-soft polyester interior. The included machine-washable pad creates a cozy nest that pets love curling up in. Breathable mesh panels provide ventilation while also giving your pet a view.

For additional comfort, try adding a small blanket or one of Sleepypod’s plush beds to give cushioning from hard surfaces. The interior padded walls help insulate your pet while also muffling outside noises for a sense of security.

Crash-Tested Car Seat for Pets up to 17.5 lbs

In addition to air travel, the Sleepypod Air transitions to a car seat designed to protect pets in crashes. It’s been crash-test certified by the Center for Pet Safety for pets up to 17.5 pounds.

The carrier is secured with a seat belt to prevent movement during sudden stops or accidents. The padded walls act as an energy absorbing crumple zone while the hard plastic base adds stability. Inside, the plush bed keeps your pet comfortably positioned.

With your pet safely contained, you can focus on driving without disruptive behavior. The Sleepypod is great for everyday car trips to the park, vet and pet-friendly establishments.

Designed for True Portability and Convenience

From planes to cars and everywhere in between, the Sleepypod Air goes where your pet goes. The smooth-gliding wheels make navigating airports or city streets easy. Grab the padded handle or shoulder strap to lift your pet in and out of vehicles.

At home, move the Sleepypod around the house so your pet can sleep nearby as you go about your day. It gives cats and small dogs a safe, cozy place to call their own. Even picky pets love the privacy and security of curling up in the Sleepypod.

The durable design means this carrier will last through years of frequent use. When it’s time for cleaning, the exterior wipes down easily while the bedding is machine washable.

The Complete Package for Traveling with Pets

The Sleepypod Air delivers everything you need in one carrier:

Airline approved underseat dimensions
Padded shoulder strap for carrying comfort
Mesh panels for ventilation and visibility
Ultra plush, washable bedding
Crash-tested car seat for pets up to 17.5 lbs
Durable luggage-grade exterior
Spacious interior with ample head room
Easy-access openings at both ends
Large side pockets for storage
Smooth-rolling wheels
Removable and washable padding
From puppies to senior dogs and kittens to cats, the Sleepypod Air provides a comfortable travel experience. It keeps your pet close while freeing up your hands and attention when navigating crowded airports and busy streets.

Your pet will love that the Sleepypod goes everywhere they go – from road trips, dog parks and vet visits to errands around town. And when home, it conveniently functions as a bed so your pet can snooze in security and comfort.

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