Simple Solution Extreme Urine Destroyer – The Ultimate Weapon Against Tough Pet Stains & Odors


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Tired of constant battles against stubborn pet urine stains and smelly carpets? Arm yourself with Simple Solution Extreme Urine Destroyer and win the war against pee stains and odors once and for all.

This extremely powerful urine destroyer uses an advanced enzymatic formula to completely eliminate even the toughest dried-in stains and embedded odors that other cleaners fail to conquer.

New & Improved 3X Pro-Bacteria + Enzyme Formula

Simple Solution Extreme contains a boosted blend of pro-bacteria and enzymes that go to work immediately to break down the uric acid crystals and organic matter in pet urine.

The pro-bacteria continue working even after you’ve cleaned the area to further break down the urine enzymes and prevent the growth of bacteria that causes odors.

Deep Penetrating Continuous Power Spray

The innovative Continuous Power Spray nozzle delivers a concentrated stream of pet stain fighting formula deep into carpets, cushions and fabric fibers.

Unlike regular cleaners that barely penetrate the surface, the pressurized spray gets down to the base of carpets and under carpet pads to lift stains and neutralize odors at the source.

Permanently Removes Stains & Odors – Doesn’t Just Mask Them

Simple Solution Extreme doesn’t just cover up stains and odors like some cleaners. It uses natural enzymes to completely break down the urine crystals and permanently remove the stain and odor.

Even set-in stains and odors caused by repeat marking are no match for this pet stain destroying powerhouse. It cleans right down to the padding and floors to remove all traces of urine.

Makes Surfaces Unattractive for Repeat Marking

Dogs and cats are naturally attracted to the scent of their urine stains. That’s why they repeatedly mark the same areas.

By dissolving urine enzymes and removing stains down to the pores of the carpet fibers, Extreme Urine Destroyer makes previously soiled areas undetectable and undesirable for repeat marking.

Pet & Kid Friendly Formula

You don’t have to worry about keeping pets and kids away from areas cleaned with Extreme Urine Destroyer.

When used as directed, the natural enzyme formula is completely safe for children and pets. It contains no harsh chemicals, bleaches or irritating odors.

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind this premium urine destroyer with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just let us know and we will issue a full refund or replacement.

Fight Back Against Pet Stains & Odors

Take back control of your home and banish urine stains and odors for good with the cleaning power of Simple Solution Extreme.

This pet stain eliminator is formulated to handle even the toughest dried-in stains and embedded odors that other cleaners can’t conquer.

The continuous power spray lets you precisely target the area to penetrate deep into carpets, fabrics and floors for permanent stain and odor removal.

Protect your floors and furnishings and make previously soiled areas unattractive for repeat marking. Enjoy stain-free, odor-free carpeting for good with this reliable urine destroyer.


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