Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer | Powerful Odor Eliminator Spray for Cat Litter Boxes


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Tired of coming home to a litter box that smells like a public restroom? Looking for a simple solution to eliminate nasty litter box odors for good? Then you need Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer – the most powerful and effective cat litter odor eliminator spray on the market.

This revolutionary odor eliminator uses an oxy-powered formula that bonds with urine and feces on a microscopic level, breaking down stuck-on messes and completely neutralizing stubborn odors right at the source. No more holding your breath every time you scoop the litter. Just a few spritzes of this odor eliminating spray will leave your litter box smelling clean and fresh.

But Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer doesn’t just mask odors temporarily. It’s specially designed to destroy the bacteria and particles that cause malodors in cat urine and feces. The result is no more ammonia smell or other nasty odors coming from the litter box. Just a clean scent that you and your cats will love.

Our powerful cat litter deodorizer spray can tackle even the toughest litter box odors. For mild everyday odors, use the spray setting for quick touch ups anytime. For major clean ups after a long day at work or long weekend away, switch to the foam setting to coat the entire box and break down stuck on deposits. You can even use the mist setting around the rest of the house wherever your cats tend to urinate or defecate regularly. No matter what mess your cats make or how long you’re away, Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer has you covered.

Not only is it incredibly effective at permanently eliminating odors, our cat litter spray is also safe to use around pets and children when used as directed. It contains no harsh chemicals, toxic fumes, or ingredients that could irritate your cat’s respiratory system. We proudly manufacture Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer in the USA with the highest quality ingredients.

For best results, give the litter box a quick scrub and remove all waste before spraying a light, even coating over all surfaces. Allow the foam to sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping or rinsing. For maintenance, spray twice per week or as needed to maintain a clean litter box. Just a few sprays keeps odors away for days!

With its patented 3-in-1 nozzle, you can customize the product for any situation. Switch from a steady stream for concentrated cleaning power, to a wide mist for whole-box coverage, or thick foam to penetrate hidden odors. The long-lasting 32oz bottle provides over 700 sprays – more than enough to keep multiple litter boxes odor-free for months.

Don’t waste another minute breathing in toxic litter box fumes. Simple Solution Cat Litter Deodorizer offers a fast, easy way to permanently eliminate those odors for good. Get yours today and breathe easy knowing your home will stay smelling fresh no matter what surprises your cat leaves behind.


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