Siivton Airline Approved 4-Sides Expandable Pet Carrier with Fleece Pad for Cats and Small Dogs – Extra Spacious and Sturdy Design for Comfortable Pet Travel


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Do you dread traveling with your furry friend because most pet carriers are too confining and stressful for them? Introducing the Siivton Airline Approved 4-Sides Expandable Pet Carrier, the smart solution for comfortable pet travel that your cat or small dog will love!

This innovative pet carrier features an extra spacious interior that easily expands on all 4 sides to give your pet more wiggle room. The sides are made of breathable mesh material that can be fully unzipped and folded down to create nearly double the interior space. This allows your cat or small dog to move around and stretch out during travel, reducing anxiety and restlessness from confinement in a tiny crate.

The Siivton Pet Carrier is designed for optimal comfort and security. The sturdy frame is constructed from durable Oxford fabric and high density EVA board that keeps the carrier upright and stable. The bottom is made of tear-resistant material with anti-slip treatment to prevent sliding.

For your convenience, this carrier comes equipped with a padded shoulder strap for hands-free carrying and a top handle for grabbing and going. It also includes seat belt straps to securely buckle it inside a car. The Siivton Carrier is airline approved so you can bring it right onboard a flight under your seat.

Maximum airflow is ensured by the breathable mesh siding. The mesh windows roll down on all 4 sides for ultimate ventilation and visibility. Your pet can look out and you can easily see in to check on them. Multiple entries allow simple access – both top and side zippers open for easy pet loading.

The interior fleece pad is soft and cozy for your pet to lay on. It’s removable and machine washable for quick cleanup. Your pet will love snuggling into the super plush bed during the ride. An adjustable strap inside secures the bed in place.

With the Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier, your cat or small dog can travel in comfort and style! The smart 4-way expandable design reduces anxiety and allows your pet to move around. Breathable mesh sides ensure great ventilation and visibility. Durable, airline approved construction keeps your pet safe and secure. Order the Siivton Pet Carrier for the absolute best travel experience for you and your furry co-pilot!

Main Features:

  • Spacious interior expands 4 ways by unzipping and folding down mesh sides
  • Sturdy frame made from durable Oxford fabric and EVA board for protection
  • Mesh siding for maximum airflow and visibility
  • Multiple entries – zipper doors on top and side for easy access
  • Interior fleece pad is soft, removable and machine washable
  • Shoulder strap and top handle for carrying, seat belt straps to secure in car
  • Airline approved carrier fits under seat on flights
  • Tear-proof anti-slip bottom keeps carrier stable

Give Your Pet the Gift of Comfortable Travel

Does your cat or small dog get anxious, restless or overwhelmed on car rides and flights? Do they dislike being confined for hours in a cramped crate? The Siivton Pet Carrier provides the solution for low stress pet travel!

Unlike regular pet carriers that are restrictive and isolating, the Siivton Carrier features a unique 4-way expandable design with fold down mesh sides. This allows your pet a spacious interior to move around in and stretch their legs, reducing feelings of confinement and discomfort.

The breathable mesh materials ensure excellent ventilation and visibility too. Your pet can look out and see you for reassurance anytime. Multiple entry points make it simple to get your pet in and out.

The sturdy, airline approved construction is made to keep your pet safe and secure enroute. High quality Oxford fabric and EVA board provide durability while anti-slip materials prevent sliding around. Padded shoulder straps make carrying your pet hands-free a breeze.

Why force your pet to travel in a cramped, enclosed crate that enhances their stress and anxiety? The Siivton Expandable Pet Carrier enables your furry best friend to ride in comfort and style! Its intelligently designed expansive interior reduces uneasiness while premium quality materials provide security.

Give your cat or small dog the gift of worry-free travel. Order the Siivton Pet Carrier today and see their stress and anxiety melt away as they enjoy the spacious, comfortable ride they deserve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this pet carrier expanded and unexpanded?

Unexpanded dimensions are 18″ Long x 11″ Wide x 11″ High. Fully expanded on all 4 sides the interior dimensions grow to 38″ Long x 30″ Wide x 11″ High.

What is the weight limit for pets?

This carrier is suitable for cats and small dog breeds up to 15 pounds. Measure your pet before purchasing to ensure proper fit.

How many entries does the carrier have?

There are zipper openings on both the top and side for easy pet loading and unloading.

Is this pet carrier airline approved?

Yes, it meets major airline requirements for carry on pet travel and fits conveniently under an airline seat.

What washable parts does this pet carrier include?

The plush fleece pad inside the carrier is fully removable and machine washable.

What if my pet has an accident inside the carrier?

The durable Oxford fabric material and EVA board frame protect against messes. The fleece pad and bottom mat can be removed and washed if needed.

Will my pet have enough ventilation and visibility?

Absolutely! The 4 full side mesh panels provide maximum airflow when rolled down. The breathable mesh also gives excellent visibility.

How do I carry this pet carrier?

It includes a padded shoulder strap for hands-free carrying over your shoulder. A top handle is also convenient for lifting.

Is assembly required for this product?

No assembly needed! The Siivton Pet Carrier ships fully assembled and ready to use.


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