SHOUT for Pets Stain Odor Spray Multi-Surface Remover with Fresh Scent – 32oz Bottle


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Does your home smell like your furry friend left their mark all over? Tired of old stains coming back despite your best efforts to clean them? We love our pets, but the mess they make isn’t always so lovable. That’s why we created SHOUT for Pets Stain and Odor Remover – the ultimate cleaning solution for pet messes.

Formulated with professional strength enzymes and detergents, our stain and odor remover penetrates deep into fabrics and carpet fibers to eliminate stains and odors at the source. No more surface cleaning that only masks odors temporarily. Our spray removes all traces of urine, feces, vomit, and other organic materials that pets can leave behind. This prevents stubborn stains from wicking back up or odors from attracting your pet back to the area.

Key Features

  • Professional strength formula for set-in stains and odors
  • Removes urine, feces, vomit, blood, grass, dirt
  • Deters repeat marking by pets
  • Safe for use on carpet, upholstery, rugs, nylon
  • Leaves behind a light fresh scent

The powerful enzymes in our formula break down stubborn organic waste on contact, while the detergents work to lift stains up and out of fabrics, carpet, upholstery, and more. Even old or set-in stains are no match for SHOUT for Pets. The stain and odor remover penetrates deep below the surface to remove waste that has dried or wicked into the padding underneath carpet. This prevents stains from wicking back up and odors from lingering.

Even though it tackles the toughest pet stains, our formula is gentle enough for daily use. It won’t damage or discolor your carpets, rugs, furniture and other household surfaces. Simply spray the stain, let sit briefly to allow the enzymes to work, and then blot and rinse with water. For best results, use a brush or cleaning machine to agitate the fibers and lift the stain completely.

The light fresh scent eliminates odors instead of covering them up. This helps deter pets from returning to the area to “re-mark” it. No more following your pet around to clean up after bathroom accidents or having to throw out urine-soaked items. Our stain and odor remover allows you to quickly clean up any mess and prevent future incidents in those spots.

Suggested Uses

Eliminate stains and odors from:

  • Urine, feces, vomit, blood
  • Grass, dirt tracked in by pets
  • Carpets, area rugs, upholstery
  • Pet beds and crates
  • Hard surfaces like tile and sealed hardwood
  • Outdoor cement patios and decks

Pets can get into all sorts of smelly situations that require a heavy-duty cleaner. Our professional strength stain and odor remover handles it all. Even skunk encounters are no match for this powerful spray. Simply apply liberally to the affected item or area and allow the enzymes to penetrate and do their work. Then rinse thoroughly with water to lift and remove all traces.

For tough odors like smoke or food spills, multiple treatments may be required. But our formula will continue breaking down the source until the last of the odor is eliminated. No more need for toxic chemicals or masking agents. The plant-based enzymes eradicate odors at a molecular level.

Why Choose SHOUT for Pets?

Other pet stain removers only work on the surface, temporarily masking odors that encourage repeat incidents. Our professional strength formula penetrates below the surface to eliminate odors at the source and deter repeat marking. Here’s why SHOUT for Pets is the best choice for pet messes:

  • Powerful Enzymes – The natural enzymes in our formula break down organic stains and odors at a molecular level.
  • Deep Penetrating – We use professional strength surfactants to penetrate padding and fabric subsurface.
  • Removes Set-in Stains – Gets rid of old or set-in stains that other cleaners leave behind.
  • Deters Re-Marking – Light fresh scent eliminates odors to deter repeat incidents.
  • Safe Formula – Gentle enough for daily use on a variety of surfaces.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – We stand behind this product 100%.

Bring peace of mind back to your home. No more stained carpets, lingering odors, or frustration with cleaners that just don’t work on pet stains. SHOUT for Pets Stain and Odor Remover is the easy and effective way to erase the evidence of your furry friend’s accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of stains does it work on?

Our formula tackles tough stains like urine, feces, vomit, blood, grass, dirt, food spills, and more. Enzymes break down organic waste to remove stains and odors.

Will it damage or discolor my carpets or furniture?

No! The formula is safe for use on colorfast carpet, rugs, upholstery, and other surfaces. Always test on an inconspicuous area first.

How is this different from other pet stain removers?

SHOUT for Pets penetrates below the surface to eliminate odors at the source instead of just on the surface. This prevents wicking and repeat incidents.

How long does it take to work?

Enzymes begin working immediately on contact. Allow several minutes for it to penetrate and lift stains, then rinse thoroughly with water and blot dry.

What does it smell like?

It leaves behind a light, fresh scent to deter pets from returning to the area. Smells clean without heavy perfumes.

Take the stress out of pet cleanups with SHOUT for Pets Stain and Odor Remover. This professional strength formula will become your go-to for erasing the evidence of all your furry friend’s messes. Order a bottle today and take back your home!


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