Serta Ortho Quilted Pet Bed


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Give your furry friend the gift of superior sleep with the Serta Ortho Quilted Pet Bed. This high-quality pet bed provides comfort, support and easy care your pet will love.

Plush Quilted Top for Cozy Comfort

The Serta Ortho Pet Bed features a soft, quilted top with lofty polyester fiber filling. The quilted pillow top cushioning creates a cozy, comfortable place for your pet to lay their head. The quilted sleep surface is reminiscent of your own Serta mattress, giving your pet a touch of luxury.

Orthopedic Foam Base

Beneath the quilted surface lies a base of orthopedic foam. This high-density foam provides enhanced support for joints, muscles and pressure points. Orthopedic foam is often recommended by veterinarians and pet experts for aging pets or those with joint concerns. The orthopedic foam in this Serta pet bed will properly support your pet’s body while conforming to their shape and weight. This provides maximum comfort and eases body aches from arthritis, hip dysplasia or other conditions.

Superior Sleep Support

Inside the orthopedic foam base is a layer of Serta’s CertiPUR-US foam. This performance foam provides even greater comfort, support and durability. The CertiPUR-US standard validates that the foam is made without harmful chemicals and passes durability and emission testing. By using CertiPUR-US foam, Serta ensures your pet will sleep on a surface that provides both healthy and comfortable sleep night after night. The combination of quilted top, orthopedic foam and CertiPUR-US foam makes this pet bed ideal for pets who need extra sleep support.

Removable, Machine Washable Cover

Caring for this pet bed is effortless thanks to the removable cover. Simply unzip the cover from the base of the bed when it’s time for cleaning. The cover can be machine washed and tumble dried for easy upkeep. The quilted top maintains its lofty texture even after washing. A dryer sheet in the dryer will keep the cover fresh between washings. An anti-skid bottom prevents the base from sliding around on floors. With a removable cover, you can keep your pet’s bed looking and smelling fresh.

Perfect for Seniors and Special Needs Pets

The Serta Ortho Pet Bed was designed to meet the unique needs of senior pets and those with special conditions. Elderly pets often experience joint pain and stiffness. The orthopedic foam base on this bed provides enhanced support to make resting and rising easier on aging joints. Pets recovering from surgery, injury or illness will also benefit from the cradling comfort of the quilted top and stable base. The bed is ideal for arthritic pets who need deep muscle and joint relief. Its sleep surface relieves pressure points while supporting the spine and hips. This allows pets to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Accidents happen, and this pet bed was made to handle messy mishaps. The removable cover can be easily unzipped and thrown in the wash to keep the bed fresh. In case of accidents, the interior foam base is water resistant and simple to spot clean. Mild soap and water is all you need to clean the surface of the base. The quilted top is also water resistant to protect the interior materials. Combined with the washable cover, this bed was designed for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Handcrafted for Quality

Serta pet beds are handcrafted by American workers who take pride in creating cozy beds your furry friends will love. The bed is proudly made in the USA with meticulous care and attention to detail. Only the highest quality materials are used to ensure many years of comfort and support. Buying a Serta means investing in a pet bed built to last using expert American craftsmanship.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Orthopedic Support

Your pet deserves the same expertly designed sleep comfort that you enjoy with your own Serta mattress. The Serta Ortho Quilted Pet Bed combines soft, pressure-relieving comfort with orthopedic support. The result is a pet bed that properly cradles and cushions your pet for a great night’s sleep. With superior materials and quality construction, this bed will provide seasons of relaxation your special friend will appreciate.

Order the Serta Ortho Quilted Pet Bed today and let your pet enjoy the rejuvenating sleep they deserve!


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