SELMAI Small Dog Cat Chick Costume – The Cutest and Coziest Halloween Costume for Your Furry Friend!


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Is your precious pooch or darling kitty ready for Halloween this year? Search no more for the pawfect costume – this adorable chick costume from SELMAI is sure to have tails wagging!

Made with super soft and snuggly velvet fleece material, this hoodie-style costume will keep your pet warm and comfy for trick-or-treating or any special occasion. The bright yellow fabric is accented with an ultra-fluffy white chest and wings, giving your fur baby the iconic look of a baby chick.

Cozy Comfort for Colder Weather

While this costume is delightfully decorative, it also serves a functional purpose for pets who feel the chill. The thick, high-quality fleece provides insulation against cold autumn and winter temperatures so your companion can participate in all the seasonal fun.

The hood features an elasticized opening to gently hug your pet’s neck and keep the costume in place. Snaps running along the back make it easy to get on and off, even for pets who are impatient for their costume reveal!

Perfect for Precious Little Pets

This chick costume is designed to fit smaller dog breeds and kitties weighing 5.5 to 10 pounds. Measure around your pet’s neck and chest before ordering to ensure the proper size.

The neck opening stretches from 8 to 9.5 inches, the chest spans 14 to 15.5 inches, and the back length ranges from 8.5 to 10 inches. With just a bit of fine-tuning, you can achieve the perfect chick-like silhouette.

Some of the cutest candidates for this costume include:

  • Toy dog breeds – Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Poodles, Shih Tzus, Dachshunds
  • Kittens
  • Miniature cat breeds – Singapura, Burmese, Munchkin, Cornish Rex

The small stature of these petite pets makes them ideal for embodying the essence of an adorable baby chick. Let the “awwws” commence!

Occasions to Show Off

While Halloween is the obvious occasion for your pup or kitty to try on this charming costume, the opportunities don’t stop there. Use it for:

  • Trick-or-treating
  • Pet parades and contests
  • Pet birthday parties
  • Pet-friendly festivals and events
  • Christmas card photos
  • Easter celebrations
  • Pet fashion shows
  • Nursing home and hospital pet therapy visits to spread cheer
  • Everyday wear when you want an instant mood boost

Let the compliments roll in every time your pet steps out in this ensemble!

Quality Construction for All-Day Play

From carving pumpkins in the afternoon to trick-or-treating all evening, this costume is made to last through all your pet’s Halloween fun and beyond.

The premium velvet fleece fabric is thick and durable, yet with stretch for comfort. The seams are tightly stitched to withstand pawing, nipping teeth, and leashed walks.

The hood, snaps, and other details are securely attached to stay put, no matter how frisky your pooch or cat becomes. Pets with sensitivity to materials can relax in the soft, non-itchy fleece lining.

Easy care is also a feature of this costume. Just machine wash and tumble dry as needed. The color won’t bleed or fade over multiple cycles. A gently used costume can become a beloved staple of your pet’s wardrobe for seasons to come.

Safety First

While pets will delight in this costume, supervision and common sense are still required:

  • Monitor your pet’s tolerance when first wearing the costume, watching for signs of distress or overheating.
  • Remove immediately if they try to chew or claw it off.
  • Take outdoor bathroom breaks before suits up to avoid soiling.
  • Skip the hood if it impairs vision or mobility.
  • Don’t leave unsupervised in the costume to prevent choking hazards.
  • Remove before crating to prevent trapped limbs.

With you looking out for their best interests, pets can revel to their heart’s content in costume playtime!

Bring Mile-Wide Smiles This Halloween

Delight your special furry friend while making the whole neighborhood smile with this cutie-pie chick costume from SELMAI. The social media likes are sure to be off the charts!

With its endearing style and cozy comfort, your pet will be the belle of the ball at any event. Plus, you’ll capture the quintessential Halloween memories.

As the big night draws near, get ready for the chick invasion! This SELMAI costume will have tails wagging and hearts melting.


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