Scnbom Teepee for Small Pets – Portable Tent for Dogs & Cats Provides Cozy Hideaway


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Does your furry friend need a safe space to relax and unwind? Look no further than the Scnbom Pet Teepee. This adorable tent creates a cozy hideaway that your pet will absolutely love.

Made from breathable and durable canvas, the teepee tent features a sturdy pine pole frame that allows for quick and easy setup. The included cushion provides a soft surface for lounging, while the backboard offers extra stability. An adjustable rope allows you to easily secure the teepee in place.

With convenient carry handles and a lightweight design, the tent can be folded up and taken anywhere your adventures may lead. It’s the perfect size for small dogs or cats under 22 pounds. Your pet can curl up inside for a nap or just hang out in solitude away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household.

Give your furry friend the gift of comfort with the Scnbom Pet Teepee. Read on for more details about this pawsome product.

An Adorable & Functional Pet Tent

Tired of unsightly pet beds cluttering up your living space? The Scnbom Pet Teepee adds both visual appeal and utility.

The neutral canvas color complements any decor while the teepee shape gives off a fun and playful vibe. When not in use, it can be folded flat for easy storage. Set it up anywhere in your home – next to the couch, in the corner of the bedroom, or even outdoors on the patio.

Wherever it’s placed, the teepee tent becomes an inviting sanctuary that your pet will eagerly retreat to for naps and quiet time. It’s sure to be the favorite new spot in your home!

Quality Materials for Durability & Security

Made from 100% canvas cotton, the Scnbom Pet Teepee is breathable yet thick enough to provide privacy. The heavy-duty fabric holds up well to regular use, with reinforced stitching at stress points.

Five sturdy pine poles quickly lock together at the top to create a stable frame. Triangle side vents and an open front allow for visibility and airflow. An adjustable rope helps secure the teepee in the desired position.

The included cushion has a removable cover that’s machine washable for easy cleaning. Your pet will be comfortable and content inside this well-constructed little dwelling.

The Perfect Size for Small Pets

The Scnbom Pet Teepee comes in 3 convenient sizes:

Small, good for pets under 11 lbs
Medium, ideal for pets under 22 lbs
Large, fitting for pets under 33 lbs
With the medium size teepee, small dog breeds like pugs, Pomeranians, and miniature poodles can all stretch out inside. For cats, the tent will comfortably accommodate everything from tabbies to Siamese.

The compact footprint doesn’t take up excessive floor space in your home. And the teepee can be folded compactly for travel, so your pet has a familiar space when away from home.

Give your small furry friends a teepee that’s a perfect fit for their needs!

Portable Design Goes Anywhere

The Scnbom Pet Teepee is designed for portability and convenience.

Integrated handles make it easy to pick up and reposition the lightweight teepee anywhere you choose. Fold it down quickly by removing the pine poles – then stash it out of the way in a closet, under the bed, or in the car.

The compact folded size and durable fabric even allows taking it on airplane trips without worrying about damage. Your pet can feel at home no matter where your journeys take you.

When camping or spending time outdoors, the teepee tent serves as a temporary shelter from the elements. It provides shade from the sun, warmth on cool nights, and protection from wind or rain.

Wherever adventure calls, bring along this portable pet teepee for comfort on the go!

Easy Set-up & Maintenance

Setting up the Scnbom Pet Teepee takes just minutes thanks to the straightforward design:

Assemble the 5 pine poles so they lock together at the top.
Spread out the teepee canvas and insert the ends of the pole frame into the corner grommets.
Tie the adjustable rope around the top of the poles and secure it for stability.
That’s it – the teepee is ready for your pet to cozy up inside! When it’s time to take it down, simply remove the poles, fold up the canvas, and pack it away.

The machine washable cushion cover makes cleaning a breeze. Spot clean the canvas as needed to keep it looking new. It’s that easy to maintain a beautiful space your pet will adore.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Comfort

Pets give us so much unconditional love. They deserve to have a space of their own to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. With the Scnbom Pet Teepee, you can give your furry friend that refuge.

Knowing your pet has a quiet, calming place to retreat will give you peace of mind as well. This teepee tent makes an ideal spot for your dog or cat to curl up and take a much needed nap, hiding away from any household noise or commotion.

The teepee’s neutral design works in any room – and your pet will just love having a special space to call their own. Bring comfort and joy to your small dog or cat with the Scnbom Pet Teepee today!


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