Savory Prime Neverhair Pet Hair Pick Up Refills – Effortlessly Remove Annoying Pet Fur from Clothes, Furniture, Carpets & More


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Tired of constantly battling pet hair on your clothes, furniture, and carpets? Struggling to keep up with the endless tufts of fur flying around your home? We feel your pain. As fellow pet parents, we know just how frustrating it can be to keep up with shedding fur babies. That’s why we created Neverhair – the revolutionary pet hair pick up that makes removing annoying fur from virtually any surface super simple.

Neverhair isn’t your average lint roller. Our innovative pet hair remover utilizes static electricity to quickly and easily lift away stubborn pet fur from clothes, furniture, carpets, auto interiors and more. The secret lies in our unique multi-layered refill sheets. Simply peel off the protective covering to reveal the sticky fur-attracting surface underneath. As you glide Neverhair across fabric, the static charge pulls fur up and off surfaces, trapping it securely on the sheet. When finished, just peel off the top layer to reveal a fresh clean sheet and discard the used fur-covered sheet. It’s that easy!

Neverhair pet hair pick up refills allow you to quickly tackle fur-covered clothes, furniture, carpets, and auto interiors in your home.

Effortlessly Refresh Fur-Covered Clothes

Is your favorite wool sweater or dark suit pant covered in a layer of pet fur even after washing? Neverhair quickly restores clothes to look freshly laundered. Just glide Neverhair sheets across clothing to lift away stubborn hairs. Sweaters, pants, dresses, suits – no fabric is immune to Neverhair’s fur-removing powers.

Your clothes will look like new again without the hassle of washing, lint rollers, sticky tape or even vacuuming. Ditch the sticky tape that leaves sticky residue behind. Neverhair uses the power of static electricity for clean, easy pet hair removal.

Revive Fur-Coated Furniture

Pet fur embedded deep into upholstery is no match for Neverhair. Our innovative pick up sheets attract and remove embedded fur that vacuums leave behind.

Glide Neverhair across couches, chairs, pillows, blankets and more to refresh fabric and restore your furniture’s original color. No more unsightly fur tumbleweeds ruining the look of your beautiful upholstered living room set. Neverhair brings new life back into well-loved fur-covered furniture.

Easily Maintain Fur-Free Carpets

Vacuuming alone just can’t seem to keep up with shedding fur babies. Neverhair is the perfect tool for maintaining fur-free carpets in between deep cleanings. Just place Neverhair sheets down and glide across high traffic areas and spots pets love to lay. The sheets grab onto carpet fur your vacuum misses, quickly restoring a fur-free look.

Neverhair also works great on area rugs. Forgot to close the door and now your beautiful wool rug is covered in fur? No problem. Neverhair makes removing surface fur from carpets and rugs a breeze.

Remove Annoying Fur from Auto Interiors

Finding pet fur tumbleweeds in your backseat? Neverhair instantly removes loose pet fur from auto upholstery and carpets. The statically charged sheets act like mini fur magnets, lifting away stubborn hairs and restoring your car’s interior to a fur-free state.

No more embarrassing stray fur flying around when you drop off friends or head to the office. Neverhair pick up refills let you quickly refresh your car’s interior in between deep cleanings and detailings.

Neverhair Difference

Neverhair’s innovative multi-layer pet hair pick up sheets utilizes the power of static electricity to remove annoying pet fur and hair from surfaces. The technology provides key advantages over traditional lint rollers and sticky tape:

  • removes surface pet hair as well as fur embedded deep in fabric
  • no sticky mess or residue left behind
  • sheets cleanly lift fur up and off surfaces
  • static charge attracts fur like a magnet
  • restores surfaces to look freshly cleaned

Choose from Various Sized Refills

Neverhair pick up refills come in a variety of sizes to suit your pet hair removal needs:

  • Mini Rolls – convenient compact size for purse or glove compartment
  • Large Rolls – our most popular size for whole home use
  • Extra Large Rolls – jumbo sized rolls for heavy duty pet fur removal

Experience the pet hair removal revolution. Neverhair’s innovative statically charged sheets allow you to finally gain the upper hand against annoying fur. Refresh your clothes, furniture, carpets, auto interiors and more.

Order Neverhair pick up refills today and say goodbye to frustrating pet fur! Your fur babies will still keep shedding, but now you have the easy, efficient way to quickly remove pesky fur.


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