Savory Prime Duck & Sweet Potato Jerky Treats for Dogs – 16oz Bag


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Treat your furry friend to a tasty, nutritious snack with Savory Prime’s duck and sweet potato jerky treats. Made with 100% farm-raised duck breast, these training treats are packed with protein to support your dog’s muscles. The sweet potato adds natural fiber to aid digestion, keeping your pup feeling their best.

These oven-baked jerky strips have a savory, smoky flavor your dog will love. They contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – only premium all-natural ingredients you can feel good about giving. Their resealable 16oz bag ensures freshness and makes these jerky treats easy to store. Reward your faithful companion today!

All-Natural, Protein-Rich Treats

At Savory Prime, we believe wholesome ingredients make for happy pets. That’s why our duck and sweet potato jerky is made with just two simple ingredients – 100% farm-raised duck breast and sweet potato. Duck delivers a powerhouse of protein to help maintain your dog’s strong muscles, while sweet potato gives them an extra boost of vitamin-rich fiber. These oven-baked treats have a delicious, savory duck flavor your pup will devour!

Supports Healthy Muscles

Protein is essential for building and repairing muscles in dogs of all ages. Our duck jerky has a high protein content to support your furry friend’s active lifestyle. The amino acids in protein help strengthen muscles, allowing your dog to play and exercise comfortably. Nutritionists recommend choosing treats with at least 18% protein – our jerky contains over 40% to give your pup the fuel they need. Reward your jogging companion or ball-crazy pooch with a tasty, protein-packed treat!

Aids Healthy Digestion

Fiber plays an important role in canine digestion. It adds bulk to stool and helps maintain regular bowel movements. The natural sweet potato in our recipe provides a rich source of dietary fiber to support your dog’s digestive health. Plus, it gives these treats a subtly sweet flavor dogs love. With 5% fiber per serving, these jerky strips help keep your furry friend feeling their best. Give them a savory, satisfying reward that aids healthy digestion.

Oven-Baked for True Jerky Texture

Unlike many softer treats, our duck jerky has an authentic, chewy jerky texture your dog will savor. We slowly oven-bake each batch to remove moisture, creating a delectable jerky treat they’ll nibble and gnaw. This longer baking process locks in the savory duck flavor in every bite. Try these scrumptious oven-baked jerky strips and see the jerky difference!

Made in the USA with Premium Ingredients

Savory Prime jerky treats are proudly crafted in the USA with premium ingredients. Our duck breast comes from US farms, and our sweet potatoes are grown by American farmers. We source all ingredients domestically to ensure the highest quality. Each wholesome batch is oven-baked in small servings to deliver absolute freshness in every bag. Pamper your pup with American-made jerky!

Ingredients You Can Trust

When it comes to your pup, you want treats made with only the best. That’s why our jerky contains just two whole-food ingredients:

  • 100% Farm-Raised Duck Breast
  • Sweet Potato

That’s it! No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or fillers – never. We believe simple, natural ingredients are best. Treat your faithful companion to jerky made with care and premium ingredients.

For Dogs of All Life Stages

Puppies need protein for growing muscles, and senior dogs benefit from easy-to-chew treats to support aging teeth and jaws. That’s why our duck and sweet potato jerky makes the perfect snack for dogs of all life stages. The protein content is ideal for puppies and adolescents, while the softer oven-baked texture is gentle on mature mouths. Plus, dogs of any age love these tasty, nutritious treats!

Convenient Resealable Bag

Our resealable 16oz bag keeps these jerky treats fresh while making it easy to grab and go. The larger bag size allows you to save on bulk treats your pup will devour. Reward your furry friend when training, after a walk, or anytime! The bag’s zip closure ensures optimal freshness once opened. Give your dog savory, wholesome jerky on the go.

Made in Small Batches for Ultimate Freshness

Great taste starts with quality craftsmanship. That’s why Savory Prime jerky is made in small batches and oven-baked to perfection. Our hands-on approach allows us to carefully control every step, from sourcing premium ingredients to inspecting the finished treats. We oven-bake in small servings to seal in freshness and flavor in every bag. Your pup will savor the homemade difference!

Bring out your dog’s smile with Savory Prime’s sweet potato and duck jerky! These wholesome oven-baked treats make the perfect protein-packed reward for dogs of all ages. Made with just two simple, natural ingredients, this resealable 16oz bag has authentic old-fashioned jerky texture your dog will relish. Spoil your special furry friend today – they deserve quality jerky made with care.


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