Rypet Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 12


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Give your feline friend the gift of safety and style with the Rypet Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 12. This set comes with 12 brightly colored collars in a rainbow of fun shades so you can easily identify each of your cats. The collars are crafted from soft, breathable polyester that won’t irritate your cat’s neck. Adjustable from 7.5 to 11.5 inches, these collars will fit most cats from kittens to adults.

Reflective Material Keeps Cats Safe

One of the most important features of these cat collars is the reflective strip that runs along the length of the collar. This reflective material ensures that drivers and other people will be able to see your cat when out at night. The bright colors also help during daylight hours. No more worrying about your beloved pet getting lost on nighttime adventures or being hard to see when crossing a road. The reflective strip provides an extra layer of protection.

Durable Breakaway Buckle for Added Safety

Along with the reflective strip, the Rypet cat collar has a durable breakaway buckle. This unique buckle will release when tugged so that your cat doesn’t get trapped or choked. Cats often explore tight spaces and climb trees, which poses a strangulation risk with regular collars. The breakaway buckle on this collar releases with just the right amount of pressure so that your cat stays safe while still keeping the collar secured. No more accidents or injuries.

Bell Helps Locate Your Cat

Another great safety feature is the bell that hangs from the collar. This little bell jingles as your cat moves, letting you know their location. It’s easy to find your kitty when the bell gives away their hiding spot! The bell can also alert birds and other small animals of your cat’s presence, making their hunting attempts less successful. Protect local wildlife while keeping tabs on your pet with the built-in bell.

Fun Colors to Match Each Cat’s Personality

With 12 collars in each pack, you get a wide assortment of bright colors to suit each cat’s individual personality. There’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and more! Mix and match to find the perfect color for your spirited tabby or distinguish between your many look-alike black cats. The colors also make it easy to tell who’s who when your kitties are prowling around.

Adjustable from Kitten to Cat Size

Finding the right cat collar can be tricky as your kitten grows, but these collars adjust along with them. Just slide the buckle tighter for narrow kitten necks or let it out a notch or two as your cat matures. The adjustability means one set of collars will last from kittenhood through adulthood. No more wasting money buying new collars as your pet grows.

Soft Polyester Material

Your cat will love the soft feel of these collars against her fur. Made from polyester, the material is lightweight and breathable. It’s less irritating than other fabrics, especially for long-haired cats. The flexible fabric moves with your cat and won’t get matted in thick fur. Your cat will barely notice wearing her stylish new accessory.

Rainbow Assortment is Perfect for Multi-Cat Homes

For those with several cats at home, this rainbow pack is ideal. No more fights over collars when each cat can have a color of their own. The set is perfect for multi-cat households or foster homes. Plus, your home will look like a cat rainbow exploded in the best possible way! Stand out from the crowd with the bright color selection.

Attaches with Standard Buckle

These collars fasten securely with a standard buckle just like any regular collar. Easy to take on and off as needed for baths, the buckle keeps the collar comfortably yet firmly around your cat’s neck. Adjust to the ideal tightness to prevent escapes and lost collars. The secure buckle provides customizable comfort.

Highlight Your Cat’s Personality

Let your cat’s inner star shine by matching their collar to their personality. An aloof, mysterious kitty needs a sleek black collar while a preppy Persian should don pastel pink. Choose bright colors for energetic, spunky cats and mellow hues for laidback lap cats. Whatever your cat’s personality, there’s a color sure to complement it.

Ideal Collar for New Kittens

Welcome a new kitten into your home with a colorful collar to call their own. The adjustable sizing makes these great starter collars for young kittens. The breakaway buckle prevents any accidental choking while the bell helps you keep an eye on the new arrival. Bright colors identify which food bowl and toys belong to the latest member of your feline family.

Comes Packaged in Cute Box

These colorful cat collars arrive packaged in a cute box covered in cats. Perfect for storing the collars between uses or saving to reuse for small trinkets and jewelry. The pretty packaging adds a nice touch and looks great on display. Quality presentation for a quality product.

Give your precious cats an extra layer of protection and an extra dash of style with the Rypet Reflective Cat Collar with Bell, Set of 12. The reflective material, breakaway buckle, and bell provide important safety features while the assortment of fun colors lets you customize for each pet. Keep your cats safe while showing off their delightful personalities. Order the Rypet cat collar set today for your feline family!


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