RYPET Bat Wings Pet Costume – Spooky Yet Adorable Halloween Outfit for Cats and Small Dogs


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Make your furry friend the star of your Halloween celebrations with the RYPET Bat Wings Pet Costume. This spooky yet adorable outfit transforms your cat or small dog into a creature of the night!

The costume features a pair of black fuzzy bat wings attached to a comfortable velcro body harness. The wings spread out to an impressive width when worn, giving your pet a dramatic, eye-catching bat silhouette. But there’s no need to worry about restricting your pet’s movement – the polyester felt fabric is soft and lightweight. Your cat or dog can still run, jump and play while staying in character.

Sizing and Fit:

The RYPET Bat Wings Costume is designed for small cats and dogs weighing 2-5 lbs with a chest size of 11″-13.5″ and neck size of 6″-8.5″. Please refer to the size chart and carefully measure your pet before ordering. For the best fit, measure around the widest part of your pet’s chest and around the neck where a collar usually sits.

The velcro straps on the body harness are fully adjustable for a customized, stay-put fit. Once properly fitted, the costume should not slip, slide or sag. The design allows full range of motion while keeping the bat wings securely in place.

Fun and Functional Details:

This creative costume transforms your pet into a dark creature of the night, but maintains a cute, family-friendly look. The plush polyester wings feature smooth, rounded edges for safety.

A D-ring on the back of the harness conveniently allows you to attach a leash so you can take your bat pet trick-or-treating or to Halloween events.

The rich black color looks great day or night. During daylight hours, it provides an adorable stuffed animal bat look. At nighttime costume parties or trick-or-treating, your pet will look like a real flying bat thanks to the black color blending into the shadows.

Use All Halloween Season and Beyond

The RYPET Bat Wings Pet Costume makes a perfect outfit for Halloween night, but can be used well before and after too. Have a Halloween photo shoot with your pet dressed up weeks in advance of October 31st. The well-made costume will last through multiple wearings.

Even after Halloween is over, your pet can continue having fun surprising and amazing friends and family members with the bat costume. It also works great for costume parties any time of year. Cosplay with your pet for fan conventions or dress-up playdates all year long.

Quality Materials and Construction

This isn’t a cheap polyester costume that will fall apart after one use. The RYPET Bat Wings Costume is made from high quality materials and durable stitching built to last through Halloween and beyond.

The polyester felt fabric of the wings is soft yet firm enough to hold the stuffed bat shape. It feels nice against your pet’s fur and is flexible to allow free movement.

The straps and harness feature sturdy velcro and stitching tested for durability. They securely keep the wings in place without chafing or irritating your pet’s skin.

Fun for Pets and Pet Parents!

The RYPET Bat Wings Pet Costume does more than just look cute and spooky. It’s designed to be comfortable and easy for pet owners to use. Plus, most pets love having an exciting new outfit and all the extra attention it brings!

Pets stay comfortable with the flexible lightweight fabric that doesn’t overheat. The straps don’t pinch or rub uncomfortably. Safety tested edges help avoid irritation.

Pet parents will find the costume easy to put on their wriggly, excited pet. The velcro straps let you make a custom fit each time you dress your dog or cat. Match the bat wings with a leash for convenient walks and outings.

Your pet will enjoy being the center of attention at Halloween events and parties. Get ready for lots of compliments, laughs and smiles wherever you go. People of all ages will be delighted to see a pet dressed up in such a clever costume.

Let your imagination take flight with the possibilities of the RYPET Bat Wings Pet Costume. Order today to receive it in time for Halloween!


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