Rubie’s Disney Lilo & Stitch Stitch Pet Costume – Turn Your Furry Friend into an Adorable Alien!


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Bring your favorite Disney character to life with the Rubie’s Disney Lilo & Stitch Stitch Pet Costume! This officially licensed costume transforms your pet into the lovable and mischievous Experiment 626 from the classic Disney film.

The costume features Stitch’s iconic blue furry body with his cute oval-shaped eyes and nose. The plush jumpsuit has Velcro closures for easy on and off, while the hood has adjustable drawstrings to ensure the perfect fit. The costume is complete with Stitch’s large rabbit-like ears that stand upright, giving your pet the unmistakable look of the energetic alien.

Officially Licensed Disney Costume

You can rest assured that this is an officially licensed Disney costume made with the exceptional quality and attention to detail that Rubie’s is known for. The trademark is visible on the packaging and labels, so you know you are getting an authentic item that has been safety tested.

Rubie’s has partnered with Disney for over 60 years to bring fans costume designs inspired by beloved Disney characters from the most popular films and franchises. Your pet can join in the Disney magic when wearing this Stitch costume!

Turn Your Pet into the Mischievous Alien from Lilo & Stitch

Stitch, also known as Experiment 626, is one of the most iconic Disney characters, known for his energetic personality and love of mischief. As soon as your pet puts on this costume, they will look just like Stitch, ready to share some “aloha” just like in the film!

The 2002 Disney animated film Lilo & Stitch tells the story of a young Hawaiian girl named Lilo who adopts Stitch as her “dog”, unaware that he is actually an alien. Stitch’s antics constantly get him in trouble, but he and Lilo form a close bond throughout the movie.

This family-friendly film was hugely popular upon release and introduced Stitch as a new classic Disney character. Fans fell in love with his cheeky personality and cute appearance. Now your furry friend can portray him too!

Comfortable Plush Material

The costume is made from a super soft, high-quality blue plush fabric that feels great for your pet to wear. The jumpsuit slips on easily over your dog or cat’s body, with Velcro closures along the back for convenience.

The hood features adjustable drawstrings so you can customize the fit. Whether your pet has a slender build or a stouter frame, the drawstrings allow you to tighten or loosen the hood as needed for maximum comfort.

The plush material is cozy yet lightweight. Your pet can stay comfortable and relaxed while bringing smiles in their new costume.

Sizing and Fit

This Stitch pet costume comes in a medium size, recommended for pets with a 15-20″ back length and up to a 23″ neck size. Refer to the Rubie’s Pet Costume Size Chart on the product page for detailed size measurements.

Rubie’s also has a helpful pet costume sizing video on their website demonstrating how to correctly measure your dog or cat. Proper measurement and size selection ensures your pet will have the best fit.

Keep in mind that the fit will vary based on your pet’s unique body shape. Not all costumes will fit every pet perfectly. To get the right costume size for your dog or cat, carefully measure your pet before selecting.

For best results, have your pet try on the costume before any special event or photo opportunity to ensure it fits properly. Adjust the hood as needed using the drawstrings.

Fun Group Costume Ideas

Get the whole family involved in the Disney fun! The Stitch pet costume makes an ideal pairing for a kids’ Lilo costume. Your children will love dressing up and playing the roles of Lilo and Stitch with your pet!

For an ohana group costume, add adult costumes such as Nani, David, Jumba, and Pleakley. Recreate the lovable characters from the film for a creative family costume theme.

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination. Get your friends to join in with their pets as well. Your furry pals will steal the show in their Stitch costumes!

Get the Aloha Spirit with Stitch

The mischievous alien always brings a lively spirit of aloha wherever he goes! Now your pet can channel the same enthusiastic energy in this fun costume.

Watch your furry friend’s sweet personality shine through as they embody the role of Stitch. This officially licensed costume will delight Disney fans and pet lovers alike.

Bring your camera to capture the reactions to your pet in their new outfit. At your next costume party or Halloween event, Stitch is sure to be a hit!

Add to Your Pet’s Costume Wardrobe

Expand your pet’s costume collection with this instantly recognizable Disney outfit. Use it for dress-up play, themed photo shoots, holidays, costumes parties, and so much more.

Disney costumes are a great way for pet owners to show their fandom and enjoy character roleplay with their furry best friend. Add this Stitch pet costume to create special memories that will make you both smile!

Rubie’s wide selection of pet costume sizes and styles includes so many iconic Disney characters to choose from. Build up your pet’s costume wardrobe so you have the perfect outfit for any occasion!

Surprise and Delight

Your pet doesn’t know how adorable they look dressed up as Stitch, but you certainly will! Watching your dog or cat become this beloved character is sure to make you laugh and smile.

When your dressed-up pet meets others, get ready for surprised reactions followed by grins. Stitch’s endearing appearance and playful attitude never fails to delight Disney fans.

Part of the fun is seeing your pet react to wearing their new costume. Capture pictures and video of their experience becoming Stitch to cherish for years to come!

High Quality & Safety

As an officially licensed Disney product, you can trust that Rubie’s has designed and produced this costume to meet the highest standards. Safety and quality testing ensure the costume is comfortable for your pet and made to last through wear and tear.

The stitching is reinforced for durability so this outfit can be enjoyed Halloween after Halloween. The plush fabric provides a gentle feel against your pet’s coat without being scratchy or harsh.

Pet parents can have confidence knowing the costume meets Disney’s strict quality and safety guidelines. Rubie’s prides themselves on costumes that are not just cute but also comfortable for your furry friend.

Get Ready for the Fun!

Bring the mischievous alien Stitch to life for trick-or-treating, parties, photos, dress-up fun, and any occasion that calls for costumes! With its soft plush fabric and instantly recognizable appearance, this officially licensed Disney costume ensures your pet will be ready for some alien antics.

Get those cameras ready to capture the cuteness overload. Aloha!


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