Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food, Supports Muscle Growth and Healthy Digestion for Purebred Boxer Puppies


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Get your purebred Boxer puppy off to a healthy start with Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food. This specialized large breed puppy food is meticulously formulated just for Boxers during the crucial growth period from 8 weeks to 15 months old.

Royal Canin uses only the highest quality ingredients that provide the precise nutrition Boxer puppies need. The kibble is uniquely designed to encourage chewing and support dental health. An exclusive complex of antioxidants, including vitamin E, helps protect your pup as their immune system develops. It contains L-carnitine to help your Boxer pup build strong muscles while supporting healthy weight as they grow. Digestive health is also supported with high-quality proteins and prebiotics to promote optimal stool quality.

Tailored for Boxers’ Unique Needs

Boxers have specialized nutritional needs thanks to their large size, muscular build, short snout, and square jaw. This Boxer puppy kibble from Royal Canin is made just for them. The unique kibble shape makes it easy for Boxers to grasp and chew. It meets the higher calorie needs of large breed puppies while providing the precise balance of proteins and other nutrients to support healthy muscle growth and weight management. Antioxidants help give developing immune systems an extra boost.

Supports Healthy Muscle Growth

Your Boxer puppy has considerable muscle development ahead as they grow into their large, powerful frame. Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Food contains an optimal protein level to promote strong, lean muscles. The addition of L-carnitine helps your pup metabolize fat into energy while building muscle mass instead of excess body fat. This leads to a healthy weight as they reach their full adult size.

Aids Proper Digestion

Gastrointestinal health is so important during the first year of your Boxer’s life. The prebiotics and quality proteins in this food keep their digestive system functioning properly. Prebiotics fuel the good bacteria in the gut for better nutrient absorption. Easily digestible proteins avoid overtaxing the stomach. The result is optimal stool quality and consistency as well as better overall digestive health.

Supports Dental Health

The specialized kibble shape helps Boxers chew, reducing the risk of teeth and gum problems. Boxers’ short muzzles and wide jaws mean they have some extra challenges when it comes to picking up food and proper chewing. Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Food has a texture and shape designed so Boxers can easily grasp and chew it. Their strong jaws get the workout they need for healthy teeth and gums.

An Excellent Introduction to Royal Canin

Get your Boxer buddy off to a great start with this breed-specific puppy food from Royal Canin. It will transition seamlessly into Royal Canin Adult Boxer Dog Food. This complete line of Boxer foods provides the optimal nutrition your dog needs at every stage of life. You can feel good knowing your pup’s unique nutritional requirements are being met.

Royal Canin has over 50 years of experience crafting science-based dog foods for purebreds’ specific needs. Their research into breed-related health issues allows them to formulate the ideal food for your Boxer down to their age, size, energy levels, and more. Countless Boxer breeders and owners already trust Royal Canin to provide superior nutrition.

Your Boxer puppy has a big, beautiful life ahead of them. Get their growth and development on the right path with Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Dry Dog Food. Order a bag today and see the healthy difference specialized nutrition makes!


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