ROJECO Automatic Cat Feeders – The Perfect Solution for Busy Pet Parents Who Want Healthy, Happy Cats


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As cat owners, we all want the same thing – happy, healthy kitties who get the nutrition they need, when they need it. But our busy lives often get in the way of being there to feed our furry friends on time, every time. If you’ve ever come home to a hungry, howling kitty after a long day at work or found that your cat has scarfed down a whole day’s worth of food when you overslept, then you need the ROJECO Automatic Cat Feeder in your life!

This programmable pet feeder takes the guesswork out of feeding time and gives you peace of mind, knowing your cat is getting the right portions on schedule. The large 8 cup capacity holds plenty of dry food to keep cats of any size nourished between fill ups. And the clear container lets you easily check the level and know when it’s time to replenish their kibble supply.

But the ROJECO feeder doesn’t just hold food, it actually serves it up on cue! The intuitive programming allows you to set 1-6 scheduled feedings per day, with up to 16 customizable portion sizes per meal. So whether you have a petite kitten who eats little and often or a hungry adult cat who prefers two large meals, this feeder delivers the right amount at just the right times.

No more coming home to a starving cat or having to rush back during lunch to hit their noontime feeding. And no more free-feeding, which can lead to obesity in inactive indoor cats. The ROJECO feeder takes control, so you can relax knowing your cat’s nutritional needs are met even when you can’t be there yourself.

Key Features of the ROJECO Automatic Cat Feeder:

Always Keeps Food Fresh: The 8 cup capacity holds enough dry food to last for days, while the airtight, sealed design keeps kibble fresh and prevents bug infestations or stale, soggy food. No more wasting money on ruined pet food!

Transparent Container: See at a glance exactly how much food is left in the bowl. The clear ABS plastic bucket makes it easy to monitor when a refill is needed.

Locking Lid: The reinforced top cover and buckle lock design keeps food safely contained and prevents clever or mischievous cats from breaking in and stealing food between scheduled meals.

No Food Stuck: Specially designed materials and shape ensure all food flows freely for completely clean dispensing at each feeding time. No more food getting stuck halfway and causing feeding problems.

Dual Power Supply: Runs on 4 AA batteries or USB power adapter so you never have to worry about a dead battery causing missed feedings. Keep your cats fed even in a power outage!

Simple Storage and Cleaning: The ROJECO feeder is conveniently sized to tuck away neatly when not in use. And the removable, dishwasher-safe feeding bowl and lid make cleaning a breeze.

Precision Feeding for Healthy, Happy Cats

Obesity is an epidemic in modern cats, who tend to live sedentary indoor lifestyles. Free choice feeding with overflowing food bowls available 24/7 can lead to overeating and weight gain in cats. But the ROJECO automatic feeder ends the temptation to graze all day by delivering measured portions at schedule times.

Feeding cats small, frequent meals mimics natural hunting behavior and optimizes digestion. The programmable ROJECO feeder lets you easily customize a precision feeding plan tailored to your pet’s unique needs, activity level, and preferences.

Cats thrive on a predictable routine. Scheduled, automated feedings eliminate human error and give cats consistency, reducing stress and promoting security. No more reacting with cries of hunger when meals are late – your cat will know food is coming right on time!

Plus, the airtight seal keeps dry food fresh and odor-free so even the pickiest of felines will delight in the delicious taste of perfectly crunchy kibble, meal after meal.

Peace of Mind for Pet Parents

Being a cat owner is a big responsibility. You want to provide the very best care for your furry companion. But we all have busy work schedules, family obligations, vacations and more that take us away from home for extended periods of time.

It’s impossible to always be there at breakfast and dinner to fill your cat’s food bowl. Until now!

The ROJECO automatic cat feeder takes the hassle out of pet feeding so you can travel, work late or sleep in without worrying about a hungry cat home alone. The programmable functionality keeps your cat fed on time and in the right quantities every time, even when you can’t be there.

Never again stress over rushing home, recruiting family or neighbors to feed your cat, or enduring plaintive midnight cries of a pet left unfed. With the ROJECO cat feeder, you have total confidence your pet’s needs are met with precision even when you’re away.

Give yourself – and your cat – the gift of peace of mind with automated feedings. Come home to a content, well-fed feline and keep your cat’s tail happily curled with a full tummy day after day.

High Quality Materials and Advanced Design

Cheap plastic pet feeders break easily, serve up stale food and end up being more hassle than help. But the ROJECO automatic cat feeder is made with high quality, durable materials engineered to human-grade standards.

The crystal clear, German ABS plastic bucket allows complete visibility of food levels without distorting or discoloring over time. It’s also non-porous and easy to sanitize for lifelong health and safety.

Specially formulated materials in the chute and lid prevent kibble from sticking or jamming the works during automated dispensing. And the thickened, reinforced top cover and buckle lock design keeps even the cleverest cats from outsmarting the system.

Thoughtful details like the convenient carry handle for portability and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning ensure this feeder withstands daily use while looking great.

And the dual power options let you choose between batteries for portable placement anywhere or outlet power for reliable, unlimited operation without relying on battery changes.

With advanced engineering,premium materials and electronics, and meticulous quality control, the ROJECO feeder provides a superior feeding experience.

One Less Worry for Pet Parents

As devoted pet lovers, we all want to do what’s best for our furry companions. Making sure your cats get the proper nutrition on a consistent schedule is vital, but far too easy to overlook in our chaotic, busy lives.

With its generous capacity, fool-proof programming and meal customization this automatic feeder delivers everything needed to keep cats happy, healthy and precisely fed every time – even when you can’t be there to fill the bowl yourself.

Give yourself and your cats relief from the stress of frustrating feeding routines with the ROJECO automatic cat feeder. The precision, customized functionality meets your cats’ unique needs and keeps hunger pangs and begging cries at bay.

Never again worry about racing home for a late feeding, imposing on neighbors for pet sitting help or finding that your cat broke into the food bag out of sheer hunger.

Instead, enjoy confidence and peace of mind knowing your furry family member is getting just what they need, when they need it. Mealtime should be the least of your worries as a devoted cat owner. With the ROJECO feeder, it can be!


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