Roilpet Waterproof Anti-Slip Pet Couch Cover for Dogs, Cats and Pets – Protects Sofas and Furniture from Fur, Dirt, and Accidents


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Is your furry friend ruining your furniture and making a mess on your couch or bed? As a pet owner, you know how quickly paws, claws, drool and accidents can damage expensive upholstery and fabric. Introducing the Roilpet Waterproof Anti-Slip Pet Couch Cover – the ultimate solution for protecting your furniture from pet damage!

Unbeatable 5-Layer Protection

What makes the Roilpet pet furniture cover so effective? Its innovative 5-layer material provides unbeatable protection:

  • The outer layer is made from waterproof microfiber to resist liquid and moisture
  • There is an inner TPU coating to prevent leaks from getting through
  • The middle layers absorb shock and impact
  • The bottom has an anti-slip rubber pattern and 10 anti-skid stickers to prevent sliding and shifting

This durable and rugged construction shields your furniture from liquids, stains, odors, hair, fur, dirt and more. No need to worry about claws, bites or scratching from your rambunctious pet – this cover can take it!

Fits Most Sofas, Beds, Chairs and Crates

Available in two sizes, the Roilpet cover can protect most standard sofas, loveseats, chairs and pet beds.

The 54” x 82” size fits 2 to 3 cushion couches and large pet beds. It’s ideal for medium and large dogs.

The 35” x 55” size is great for armchairs, small sofas, dog crates and cat beds. Perfect for smaller pets.

With adjustable straps, you can securely fasten the cover in place on furniture or crates. The anti-slip bottom keeps it from shifting around.

Waterproof and Pee-Proof Protection

Have a young puppy still learning to potty train? Older pets suffering from incontinence? The Roilpet cover is here to save your furniture!

The ultra waterproof construction blocks all liquids and moisture. No more wet spots, stains or odors ruining your couch. Dog drool, muddy paws and clumsy drink spills are no match for this cover.

Even better, the TPU inner layer is pee-proof! Feline friends can comfortably lounge without you worrying about cat urine smells and stains.

Machine Washable and Reusable

Pet accidents happen! But they don’t have to permanently ruin your furniture. The Roilpet cover is completely machine washable for easy cleaning.

Simply remove the cover and toss it in the washing machine to remove hair, dirt, drool stains and even urine smells. It comes out fresh as new! No need for expensive professional upholstery cleaning.

Since it’s reusable, you save money compared to disposable covers or puppy pads. It’s also environmentally friendly.

Non-Slip Security for Pets

Not only does the Roilpet cover protect your furniture, it also keeps your pet comfy and secure.

The non-slip diamond pattern on the underside prevents sliding around on hard floors. No more pets slipping off beds or couches!

The 10 included anti-skid stickers add extra grip when placed between the cover and furniture. They ensure the cover stays in place instead of shifting around.

Pets can sleep soundly without sliding or falling. No need to constantly reposition slip-prone pets back onto their beds.

Stylish Designs Blend Seamlessly

Tired of ugly plastic covers that look out of place? The Roilpet cover features an attractive canvas-like microfiber outer layer that blends in with any room decor and furniture style.

With 3 colors to choose from, it integrates perfectly with both light and dark upholstery. The stylish diamond pattern adds a decorative flair.

Available in:

Dark Grey
Light Grey
Coffee Brown
It protects your furniture while looking great – nobody will guess it’s a pet cover!

Order a Roilpet Cover Today!

Give your furniture long-lasting defense against your pets. Order a Roilpet couch cover now to protect against:

  • Liquids – drool, mud, urine, drinks
  • Dirt – from paws, fur and the outdoors
  • Damage – scratching, biting, claws
  • Odors – from accidents and spills

Spend less time cleaning messes and more time cuddling your furry companions. With machine washable convenience and reusable durability, this cover will save you money compared to replacing ruined furniture.

Your pets deserve a comfortable place to play and sleep. Give them a safe space while keeping your home looking beautiful with the Roilpet pet couch cover. Order today!


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