Rogz Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar – Keep Your Cat Safe and Seen


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Is your feline friend impossible to find once the sun goes down? Do you worry about their safety when they’re out on nighttime adventures? The Rogz Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar is the stylish and safe solution for cat owners who want the best for their furry companions.

This clever cat collar has several features to keep kitty visible after dark and protected if their collar gets snagged. The collar is made of lightweight, durable nylon webbing with bright reflective threading woven throughout. When light hits the collar, it reflects back to shine brightly at night. The reflective fabric makes your cat much easier to spot in low light conditions, helping prevent unfortunate accidents or escapes.

In addition to the reflective fabric, each Rogz cat collar includes a removable bell you can attach to create an audible alert of your cat’s location. The bell has a pleasant jingle to help you keep track of sneaky cats. The bell easily snaps on and off the collar with a secure metal loop so you can customize it as needed.

But the real star of this cat collar is the sturdy quick-release buckle designed to unclip and detach if pulled on forcefully. This safety breakaway feature helps protect your cat if the collar gets hooked on branches or doors. A standard buckle could choke or strangle your cat if caught, but the Rogz breakaway buckle will release under sufficient pressure. No more worrying about your curious cat getting tangled up!

The buckle has a heavy-duty snap together design that’s simple to reassemble after it breaks away. Three adjustable sizing options allow you to custom fit the Rogz collar for neck circumferences from 8 to 12 inches. It’s suitable for most breeds of cats when sized appropriately.

Key Features:

  • Reflective nylon fabric for visibility and durability
  • Removable color bell for optional sound alert
  • Breakaway buckle releases when pulled to prevent choking accidents
  • Fully adjustable sizing from 8-12 inch neck circumference
  • Tough scratchproof webbing for secure everyday wear

The Rogz Reflective Cat Collar comes in a variety of fun colors like red, blue, green and pink so you can match your cat’s unique personality. The collars have a classic style and comfortable fit for all-day wear indoors and out.

Keep Your Cat Safe Day and Night

Cat owners know too well those anxious moments wondering where their crafty kitty has gone off to. Keep your cat’s whereabouts no mystery after dark with the Rogz Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar. The bright colors and reflective threading increase visibility while the quick-release buckle provides peace of mind if your adventurer gets into a bind.

Give your feline some functional fashion with this stylish collar designed to protect them. Don’t lose track of your precious pet again! The Rogz Reflective Cat Collar provides safety and visibility for cats of all personalities and activity levels. Get one for each of your kitties so they can explore and play while staying seen. With multiple color options, you can coordinate collars to help identify each pet too.

Rogz quality cat collars are made to last through all your cat’s nine lives. The durable nylon webbing withstands scratches, while the adjustable breakaway buckle provides essential protection. Choose a Rogz collar over cheaper brands that could fail when you need them most. Your cat’s safety is invaluable.

Not sure what size to get? Measure your cat’s neck circumference with a flexible tape measure for the most accurate fit. The three sizing options cover most adult cats, but kittens may need a smaller collar fitted as they grow. Rogz also makes matching leashes if you want to go for walks with a harness and lead.

Don’t let your feline friend get lost on their midnight adventures. The Rogz Reflective Cat Collar provides the visibility, safety and style every cat needs. Order today and ensure your cat stays seen, protected and stylish on all their exploits!


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