Richell Premium Freestanding Pet Gate


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Keep Your Furry Friends Safe and Secure with the Richell Premium Freestanding Pet Gate. This sturdy and adaptable gate is perfect for containing pets in specific areas of your home or keeping them away from dangerous zones like staircases.

Adjustable and Secure

The Richell Premium Pet Gate stands at 32 inches tall, making it ideal for containing large breed dogs. The side panels can be adjusted in 10 degree increments, allowing you to create a custom fit for any doorway or opening in your home. Once adjusted, lock the gate firmly in place with the top and bottom door locks for added security.

Walk-Through Door for Easy Access

A convenient walk-through door allows you to easily enter and exit the gated area without having to step over the gate. The door can be securely locked from both sides with the top and bottom locks, containing pets while still granting you access.

Free-Standing Design for Versatile Placement

Unlike standard hardware mounted gates, the Richell Premium Pet Gate needs no hardware or wall mounting. The free-standing design allows you to move the gate from room to room with ease. Use it to block off doorways, staircases, hallways, and more. The rubber feet help keep the gate firmly in place without damaging floors.

Safe for Pets

Made with pet friendly materials, the Richell Premium Pet Gate will safely keep your dogs or cats secure. The gate is recommended for pets under 33 lbs, so it may not be suitable for very large breed dogs. Proper training is always recommended when using pet gates. Never leave young children unsupervised around pet gates.

Simple Step-Over Design

For humans, simply step over the 32-inch gate to pass from one room to the next. The simple step-over design makes it easy for adults to enter and exit while still restricting pets.

Quality Materials and Construction

Expertly constructed using high-quality materials, the Richell Premium Pet Gate is made to last. The metal frame provides exceptional sturdiness and stability. The gate door features a strong metal grid design to keep pets safely contained while still allowing owners to see inside the gated area.

Easy to Install

Setting up the Richell Premium Pet Gate takes just minutes with no tools required. Simply adjust the side panels to the desired width, lock into position, and you’re done. The free-standing design means no wall mounting hardware is necessary. Start using it right out of the box.

Give your furry friends their own safe space and keep them securely contained with the Richell Premium Freestanding Pet Gate. Order today to keep your pets happy and protected!

Customer Reviews

Best gate ever!
“I have two large Golden Retrievers and have gone through several gates over the years. This Richell gate is by far the most sturdy and secure one I’ve used. Easy to step over yet my dogs have not been able to knock it down. I love that it can flex to fit different shaped doorways. The locking door is also great for bringing groceries through without having to unlatch the entire gate. I highly recommend this gate!”

Sturdy containment for my pets
“I searched high and low for a freestanding gate that would keep my medium-sized dogs contained without permanently mounting a gate. This Richell gate works perfectly! It adjusts to fit my doorway and I’m able to configure the angle when needed. The gate feels very sturdy with the metal construction. Much more durable than the cheap plastic gates. The walk-through door is super convenient too. Really glad I found this product.”

Love the flexibility!
“I have an awkward arched opening in my home that no standard gate would fit. This Richell gate was just what I needed. By adjusting the side panels I was able to angle the gate to perfectly fit the odd opening. No more chasing my dog through the kitchen! He stays safely contained while I can still easily step over the gate and pass through. The quality is excellent. Highly recommended.”

Keeps my pets safe
“After dealing with too many pet gates that easily topple over or break, I finally found this sturdy Richell gate that securely contains my pets. The metal and wood construction is top-notch. I also love that it’s freestanding since I don’t want to drill into my walls. Easy to step over and flexible to install in any area. It has become an indispensible pet care tool in my home.”

Durable and easy to use

“I have a high energy Border Collie that can knock down cheaper pet gates, so I invested in this heavy duty Richell gate. It works great! My dog has not been able to bulldoze his way through and the quality is much higher than I expected. Love that I can fit it in wide openings and it stands up sturdily without hardware mounts. The walk-through door makes it convenient for me to enter and exit. Really impressed with this product.”


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