Rexipets Ultimate Pet Grooming Set – Double-Sided Deshedding Tool for Dogs & Cats – Gentle Detangler, De-matting Brush & Stainless Steel Comb


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Keep your furry friend looking their absolute best with the Rexipets Ultimate Pet Grooming Set. This professional-quality 3-piece set includes a double-sided dematting brush, slicker brush, and stainless steel comb – everything you need for at-home grooming that keeps your pet’s coat healthy, shiny, and tangle-free.

Gentle Deshedding for a Smooth, Shiny Coat

Spring and fall bring excessive shedding for most dogs and cats. Our innovative double-sided brush makes removing loose hair quick and easy, without irritating your pet’s sensitive skin.

One side has soft, gentle bristles to lightly brush away tangles, dirt, dander, and loose hair. The slicker side has firmer bristles with rounded tips that won’t scratch. It reaches deep beneath your pet’s topcoat to remove undercoat and stimulate their coat’s natural oils for a gorgeously glossy finish.

Regular deshedding and brushing with this 2-in-1 tool helps prevent matting and painful tangles from forming. Your pet will feel oh-so-soft and look their absolute best.

Painless Detangling for Knot-Free Fur

Matts and tangles hurt! Our dematting brush safely and gently works out knots and matted fur so you don’t have to shave them off.

The brush’s fine stainless steel bristles glide through your pet’s coat, separating and untangling strands. The brush’s ergonomic handle gives you control so you can brush out troublesome tangles without pulling or irritation.

Use this tool before bathing your pet to get rid of knots and tangles, making wet fur much easier to comb through. It’s gentle enough for daily use on delicate or sensitive skin. Your pet will actually look forward to grooming sessions with this painless detangler.

Easy Maintenance Comb for All Coat Types

The three-sided stainless steel comb is designed to glide through all coat types, keeps fur neatly trimmed, and boosts shine. One side has wide-set teeth perfect for thicker or longer coats. The other side has fine, narrow teeth ideal for shorter fur. The third side has razor-sharp teeth to help remove shedding undercoats.

The rounded tips won’t scratch or irritate skin. Using quick, short strokes, the comb removes tangles, distributes natural oils, and lifts away loose hair. Regular use keeps your pet’s coat healthy and knot-free between full grooming sessions.

Ergonomic Handles Reduce Fatigue

Grooming your pet thoroughly can take time. Our grooming tools have textured, non-slip handles shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. This reduces hand and wrist fatigue so you can brush and comb out your pet’s entire coat with ease.

The brush handles have a thumb rest for added control and maneuverability. The easy-grip handles let you apply just the right amount of pressure and reach those tricky spots like their legs, tails, and bellies.

Veterinarian-Approved for All Pet Types

Professionally designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind, our grooming tools are veterinarian-approved.

The rounded bristle tips safely brush out tangles and loose hair without irritating delicate skin. The fine stainless steel grooming comb gently detangles and removes shedding fur.

They’re ideal for cats, dogs, and other furry pets. Use them on puppies, kittens, mature pets, or animals with sensitive skin. The tools work beautifully on both short and long fur.

Your pets will enjoy tangle-free comfort and you’ll love how easy it is to keep them looking fabulous.

We’re Fur-ever Grateful for Your Business

At Rexipets, pets are part of our family too. We know your companion animal is a beloved member of your family.

That’s why we create grooming products that make regular fur and coat care easier for pet parents. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We’re committed to providing grooming tools that work as wonderfully as advertised.

If you have any issues whatsoever with our slicker brush, dematting brush, or steel comb grooming set, please reach out so we can make it right. We genuinely appreciate your business and look forward to assisting you.


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