Remy’s Just Bison Liver Dog & Cat Treats – Freeze Dried Single Ingredient Liver Snacks – Grass Fed & Finished USA Bison


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Give your furry friend a tasty and nutritious snack with Remy’s Just Bison Liver freeze dried dog and cat treats! These single ingredient treats are made in the USA from grass fed and finished bison liver, freeze dried to lock in flavor and nutritional value.

Delicious Taste Pets Love

Dogs and cats go crazy for the rich, meaty taste of bison liver! These treats have no added grains, gluten or preservatives – just 100% pure bison liver your pet is sure to love. The freeze drying process concentrates the flavor in each crunchy bite.

Excellent Source of Protein and Nutrients

Bison liver is loaded with protein, iron, vitamins A and B, niacin, phosphorus, zinc and essential amino acids. It promotes a healthy skin and coat, supports immune system health, and gives your pet lasting energy.

Made in Small Batches from Sustainably-Sourced Bison

Sourced from US farms that raise bison sustainably, humanely and without antibiotics or added hormones. Each batch is carefully handmade in our USA facility for safety and quality.

Convenient Single Ingredient Treat

With just one ingredient, these treats make it easy to reward good behavior without unwanted fillers. They’re gentle on sensitive tummies too!

Freeze Dried to Preserve Nutrition

Our unique freeze drying process removes moisture while maintaining the nutritional integrity of raw bison liver. Freeze drying locks in flavor and creates a crispy, long-lasting treat.

Easy to Break into Smaller Pieces

These treats break apart easily so you can portion the perfect size for your pet. Cats love them broken into kitty bite-sized bits!

Shelf-Stable with No Refrigeration Needed

The freeze drying allows these treats to stay fresh at room temperature for 12 months in the sealed bag. No refrigeration needed!

Pet parents rave about these single ingredient bison liver treats:

“My dog absolutely loves these bison liver treats! I love that it’s just one ingredient and sourced from grass fed bison in the USA. She gobbles them right up!” – Lucy in Seattle, WA

“I have three cats who are very picky about treats. To my surprise, they all go crazy for these freeze dried bison liver bits! This is their new favorite snack.” – James in Portland, OR

“Our German Shepherd has food allergies but does great with these single ingredient bison liver treats. No upset tummy and he loves the taste!” – Amanda in Denver, CO

Treat your dog or cat to something special with Remy’s Just Bison Liver freeze dried treats today! Made from high quality bison liver raised humanely on US farms, these crunchy single ingredient treats will add some tail wags to your pet’s day.


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