Redbarn Beef Rolls – The Tasty, Nutritious Treat Your Dog Will Love


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Give Your Dog the Gift of Delicious, Protein-Packed Meals They’ll Go Crazy For

Is your dog a picky eater who turns their nose up at boring old kibble? Do you wish you could give them something tasty and nutritious that satisfies their cravings? Then your pup will go absolutely wild for Redbarn’s Beef Rolls!

These mouthwatering rolls are jam-packed with over 50% fresh, high-quality beef protein to support lean muscle growth and satisfy those meaty appetites. Made from minimally processed chunks of beef, these savory rolls will drive your dog wild with their rich, smoky aroma and succulent flavors.

Far from processed mystery meat, our beef is gently cooked to lock in its natural juices and nutrients. Unlike raw diets which require meticulous handling, our rolls can be stored without refrigeration until opened. That makes feeding time a cinch!

Much More Than Just a Treat – Redbarn Rolls Offer Complete Daily Nutrition

But don’t think of these tasty rolls as just another treat. Redbarn Beef Rolls provide 100% complete and balanced daily nutrition for dogs of all life stages.

Made with premium natural ingredients and formulated by pet nutritionists, these rolls meet AAFCO standards for all essential vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. We add beneficial ingredients like flaxseed to support skin and coat health and sunflower oil for omega fatty acids. There are no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives – just real, wholesome foods.

For pet parents wanting to avoid the hassle of preparing raw foods or researching homemade recipes, Redbarn Rolls take the guesswork out of feeding a nutritious diet. Simply roll out and serve as a full meal, mix into their regular kibble, or give as a snack – it provides everything your dog needs to thrive.

The Convenience of Pre-Portioned Rolls – Simple Storage and Serving

We make nutrition simple by pre-portioning beef, chicken, or pork into convenient rolls. No need to measure, mix, or prep – just open the bag and serve!

The 8-count package contains eight 4oz rolls, the perfect protein-packed meal for dogs of any size. For little pups or supplementing kibble, simply cut the rolls in half. Big dogs can enjoy the whole roll as a hearty meal.

The rolls can be refrigerated or stored in the pantry until opening, making it easy to have nutritious food on hand anytime. On busy mornings, you can quickly roll out a meal without the hassle of prepping raw diets.

For travel, there’s no cooler required – the unopened rolls stay fresh for road trips, hikes, or other adventures with your pup. Wherever you roam, your dog can enjoy the flavor and nutrition they love.

More Than a Meal – Uses Beyond Just Feeding

While these rolls make the perfect easy meal, their versatility allows you to get creative in spoiling your pup! Their meaty flavor makes Redbarn Rolls…

  • An irresistible high-value training treat for teaching new tricks
  • A handy pill pocket for hiding medications in their favorite food
  • A long-lasting chew toy to satisfy chewing instincts
  • A tantalizing food topper to make kibble more enticing

You can even stuff the rolls into interactive puzzle toys to provide mental stimulation along with tasty nourishment.

However you choose to serve it, Redbarn’s rolls add excitement and variety to your dog’s diet. Their taste buds will thank you!

Our Family’s Passion for Pets Shines Through in Every Roll

Here at Redbarn, our family founded the company in 1996 with a mission to bring joy to pets and parents. We’re pet lovers ourselves, so providing safe, nourishing foods that pets delight in has always been our passion.

We’re hands-on in carefully crafting each roll in our Kansas-based facility, overseeing every step from sourcing premium ingredients to cooking and testing the finished products. Our quality assurance team performs over 2,500 monthly tests to ensure safety and consistency.

Our unique blend of modern manufacturing technology with small-batch handcrafting allows us to create the highest quality rolls while staying true to our heritage. The extra care put into each roll is evident in their exceptional flavor that keeps tails wagging meal after meal.

Discover Why Pet Parents are Choosing Redbarn!

With their appetizing taste and nutritional benefits, it’s no wonder Redbarn’s Beef Rolls are a hit with pups and parents alike. Give your dog the gift of mouthwatering rolls packed with protein today! We’re confident they’ll love it so much, they’ll start dancing on their hind legs every time they hear the bag crinkle.


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