Real Meat Air-Dried Lamb Dog Food 5lb – Grass-Fed, Free-Range Lamb Recipe


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Give your dog the nutrition they deserve with our air-dried lamb dog food. Sourced from free-range, grass-fed lamb raised on small family farms, this recipe delivers wholesome, natural nutrition packed with protein. We gently air-dry our lamb to lock in flavor and retain nutrients, without artificial preservatives or fillers. Just real, nutritious meat your dog will love.

Grass-Fed, Free-Range Lamb

The lamb in our recipe comes from free-range animals raised on small family farms in New Zealand. They are allowed to roam and graze on lush, green pastures their entire lives, developing healthy muscles and rich flavor. We never use feedlot lamb or animals raised with hormones or antibiotics. Just delicious, nutritious meat raised the right way.

Gently Air-Dried to Perfection

After ethically raising our lamb, we air-dry it to create a nutritious and tasty dog food. Air-drying removes moisture at low temperatures, locking in flavor and preserving nutrients that are often lost in traditional kibble cooking. Our process takes hours longer than extrusion, but delivers a super meaty taste dogs love.

Packed with Natural Nutrition

Our air-dried lamb is protein-packed to support your dog’s muscles and organs. It delivers natural chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health, iron for oxygen circulation, zinc for a healthy coat, and B vitamins for energy metabolism. With no fillers, flavors, or artificial preservatives added, just real nutrition from real meat.

Simple, Wholesome Ingredients

Real meat air-dried lamb. That’s the only ingredient. No grains, gluten, fillers, binders, artificial preservatives, additives, or processed junk. We believe dogs deserve real food made from ingredients you can recognize. It’s that simple.

Convenient Rehydration

While our air-dried lamb can be fed as a crunchy treat, it can also be rehydrated into a nutritious wet food. Simply add water and let it soak to reach your desired consistency. Rehydrating unlocks aroma and enhances palatability for a super tasty meal.

Made in New Zealand

We produce our air-dried lamb in New Zealand, which has renowned animal welfare standards and is free of many diseases found elsewhere. We source, make, and package all our products there under strict quality control.

Quality You Can Trust

Our manufacturing facilities meet FDA food safety standards and are third-party audited for safety. We perform nutritional analysis and lab testing to ensure each batch meets our strict specifications. You can feel good knowing your dog is getting the very best.

Give your dog the wholesome nutrition of our air-dried lamb. With simple ingredients and natural nutrition, our food keeps your companion satisfied and energized every day. Click Add to Cart now for premium quality at an incredible value. Made from free-range lamb and nothing else!


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