Real Meat Air Dried Dog Food 10lb Lamb – All Natural Meaty Goodness for Your Dog


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Give your dog the nutrition they deserve with our Real Meat Air Dried Dog Food Lamb Formula. Crafted with one real, whole food ingredient – lamb! This meaty recipe offers a protein-packed punch to power your pup through each day.

At Real Meat, we believe dogs deserve real food made with real ingredients. That’s why our air dried dog food contains just one ingredient – real, all natural lamb. We gently air dry strips of fresh lamb to lock in the flavor and nutrition, without any artificial preservatives or fillers.

Minimally Processed for Maximum Nutrition

Our gently air dried lamb offers a nutrient-dense protein source to support your dog’s health and happiness. Air drying locks in the natural flavors and nutrients of premium lamb, without the need for cooking or extrusion. This process minimizes processing while maximizing the whole food nutrition of meat.

We craft each batch using fresh, locally sourced lamb raised without antibiotics or added hormones. Our minimal processing preserves the natural meaty goodness in every bite. Your dog will love the delicious, long-lasting lamb flavor.

Supports Healthy Muscles and Energy Levels

Protein is essential for building lean muscle mass and fueling your active pup. Our air dried lamb dog food provides a whopping 80% protein to help maintain healthy muscles, support an active lifestyle, and sustain energy levels.

The high protein content also promotes healthy weight maintenance when fed as directed. The protein-packed nutrition will keep your dog feeling fuller for longer between meals.

Easily Digestible Single-Ingredient Formula

Simple recipes are often best, especially for digestion. Unlike kibble loaded with plant proteins and fillers, our single-ingredient dog food contains just one whole food source of animal protein for easy digestion. This simplicity allows your dog’s stomach to focus digestion on one premium ingredient.

The gently air dried lamb contains natural enzymes to support digestion and nutrient absorption. Many dogs with sensitivities can still enjoy this straightforward, hypoallergenic recipe.

Convenient Resealable Packaging

Our resealable 10 lb bag makes it easy to store and serve this air dried dog food. The lightweight lamb strips are mess-free to handle and perfect for traveling.

Take the nutrition on the go for trips to the dog park or weekend getaways. The bag keeps unused food fresh until you need it.

Made in the USA with Love

Our family-owned company is located in the heartland of Iowa. We oversee each step of our air dried dog food’s creation – from procuring premium American lamb to gently drying and packaging the finished product.

We’re committed to sharing our passion for real, minimally processed food with dogs everywhere. Your pup’s happiness and health drive us to craft the highest quality recipes.



Feeding Guidelines

Because air dried food is highly concentrated, feeding amounts differ from kibble. Refer to the guidelines below and adjust as needed to maintain your dog’s ideal weight and fitness.

Dog Weight – Daily Feeding Amount
5-10 lbs – 1/4 cup
10-20 lbs – 1/2 cup
20-40 lbs – 3/4 cup
40-80 lbs – 1 1/2 cups
80-100 lbs – 2 cups

For puppies or highly active dogs, feed up to double the amounts above. Provide adequate fresh water at all times. Measure your dog’s food by volume, not weight.

Switch foods gradually over 5-7 days. For questions or concerns, consult your veterinarian.

Give Your Dog the Gift of Real Food

Dogs instantaneously became our best friends. Show your furry companion how much you care by serving premium whole food recipes made from real, high-quality ingredients.

With zero rendered mystery meats, artificial flavors or synthetic nutrient sprays, our air dried lamb dog food offers only natural, protein-packed nutrition. Delight your canine’s ancestral cravings and modern palate with the delicious simplicity of a real, single-ingredient diet.

Order a bag of Real Meat Air Dried Dog Food Lamb Formula today and start enjoying:

  • One whole food protein source
  • Gently air dried for real meaty flavor
  • 80% premium protein content
  • Supports healthy muscles and energy
  • Highly digestible, limited ingredient recipe
  • Convenient resealable 10 lb bag
  • Made in the USA with love

Give your dog real food made from real ingredients with our air dried lamb formula!


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