Rasta Imposta Shark Fin Dog Costume – Make Them Jaws Drop!


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Release your dog’s inner sea creature this Halloween with the Rasta Imposta Shark Fin costume! This easy yet eye-catching costume transforms your pup into a stealthy shark on the prowl.

Realistic Shark Fin Design

The costume replicates a shark’s triangular dorsal fin with amazing realism. The sculpted gray fabric fin stands upright on your dog’s back for the classic shark silhouette.

Scaled texture on the fabric and attached fringe mimic a real shark’s rough dermal denticles. Your pup looks ready to swim the seas!

The fin is lightly padded to retain its shape. An adjustable strap with velcro closure keeps it secured firmly on your dog’s back. Your aquatic predator won’t lose their fin!

Comfortable Fit for All Dog Sizes

This shark fin costume is designed to fit big and small dogs alike. Sized for dogs from 32 all the way up to 185 pounds, almost any breed can become Jaws or Baby Shark!

Smaller sharks like French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers will be ridiculously cute, while giant breeds like Mastiffs and Great Danes become truly jawesome sea beasts.

Measure your dog’s back length and girth to select from size options that include X-Small through XX-Large. Get that fin sitting pretty on Halloween night!

Fun Costume Theme with Personality

A shark costume lets your dog’s natural personality shine through for maximum cuteness and laughs.

Shy sweet pups will be a bashful Baby Shark singing along to the song. While active dogs get to swim and scurry everywhere as the stealthy ocean predator.

And few things are as funny as a tiny fin zipping through the party on your pint-sized shark dog!

Perfect for Costume Contests and Photos

While this shark fin costume looks simple, it makes a big visual impact perfect for contests, parties and photos.

The upright fin is instantly recognizable, drawing people’s attention directly to your dog. No one can resist chuckling over this quick costume transformation!

Your pup is sure to draw a crowd vying for photos. Capture their hilarious shark fin antics for memories that will last way beyond Halloween night.

Durable Rasta Imposta Quality

Like all Rasta Imposta costumes, this shark fin outfit is made from high-quality materials built to last. The soft yet rugged polyester fabric keeps its structure wear after wear.

Reinforced stitching prevents loose threads or detachment issues. And the costume is conveniently machine washable for easy care between Halloweens.

Invest in this inventive costume that lets your dog join the sea creature fun year after year. Their fin will be sticking up for joy!

Unleash your dog’s silly side this Halloween with the Rasta Imposta Shark Fin costume. Enjoy the smiles and laughs as your precious pup becomes the ocean’s apex predator!


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