Rasta Imposta Dogs Carrying Beer Keg Costume – Funny 2-in-1 Dog Costume


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Get the ultimate laugh this Halloween with the Rasta Imposta Dogs Carrying Beer Keg costume! This hysterical outfit makes it look like two adorable pups are teaming up to haul a gigantic beer keg.

Your dog will take the party up a notch in this creative and interactive costume.

Clever Two-Dog Illusion

This inventive costume uses a clever design to create the look of your dog with an attached second ‘pup’. A plush stuffed dog is sewn to the back of the outfit.

From a distance, it appears like two separate dogs carrying the big keg together! People will do a double take trying to figure out the optical illusion.

Both your dog and the attached stuffed dog wear fabric ‘clothes’ as part of the act – jean shorts, plaid shirts, and little stuffed front paws that hold up the keg. Too cute!

Realistic Faux Keg with Details

The focal point of the costume is the giant mock keg they’re carrying. The cylindrical keg has the classic metal hoops and lever on top so it looks like the real deal!

Printed designs wrap around the keg with beer labels, tap handles, and the brewery logo. It’s so realistic guests will ask where you got the keg from.

The only giveaway is that this keg is nice and lightweight. Made from soft stuffed polyester, your dog can comfortably wear it all night long.

Well-Designed for Comfort and Safety

While the costume looks elaborately complex, it’s very thoughtfully engineered for your dog’s comfort and mobility.

The soft fleece jumpsuit allows full freedom of movement for walking, running, and playing. And the stuffed accessories are securely sewn on to stay perfectly in place.

For added safety, the beer keg is lightly padded and avoids pressure on the spine. Your dog will barely notice they have a keg strapped to their back!

Perfect for Medium and Large Breed Dogs

Sized for a 15 inch dog length, this beer keg costume is ideal for breeds like:

  • Boxer
  • Bulldog
  • Pitbull
  • Beagle
  • Boston Terrier
  • Pug
  • French Bulldog

Any playful pup around 40-60 pounds will rock this hilarious duo costume. Measure your dog to ensure the best fit.

Guaranteed Smiles and Laughs

Send your dog out in this giggle-inducing costume and get ready for nonstop entertainment all Halloween night!

Adults will chuckle and kids will erupt in belly laughs over the silly beer-toting pups. It’s a family friendly hit with all ages.

Your clever pooch is sure to draw crowds and win any costume contest. Two paws up for best dressed from the canine beer delivery service!

Quality Materials from Rasta Imposta

As with all Rasta Imposta costumes, this outfit is made from durable, high-quality materials built to last. The fabric is soft yet rugged, with reinforced stitching on all seams.

The costumes is conveniently machine washable for reuse over multiple Halloweens. Now that’s value!

Delight your lovable dog and everyone you meet this Halloween with the hilarious Dogs Carrying Beer Keg couples costume. It’s paws-down the best costume around!


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