Rachael Ray Nutrish Chunks in Gravy Wet Dog Food – Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe


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Your furry friend brings so much joy into your life, so they deserve the very best nutrition to keep them happy and healthy. That’s why Rachael Ray created Nutrish – to provide delicious recipes packed with wholesome ingredients. This Rachael Ray Nutrish Chunks in Gravy wet dog food features real chicken and veggies in a savory gravy your dog will love.

Made with Real Chicken and Veggies

The #1 ingredient in this Nutrish recipe is real chicken, providing lean protein to help maintain strong muscles and energy levels. You can see hearty chunks of chicken mixed with carrot and pea pieces for a flavorful gravy your dog will enjoy lapping up. Real chicken provides essential amino acids dogs need, while the veggies add key vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Supports Whole Body Health

This Nutrish wet food not only tastes delicious, it provides complete and balanced nutrition to promote whole body health. Natural vitamins and minerals plus taurine help support a healthy heart and immune system. Omega fatty acids promote skin and coat health for your dog to look their best. And glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate support joint health and mobility.

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

All Rachael Ray Nutrish products are made in the USA with high quality ingredients you can feel good about feeding your dog. There are no poultry by-product meals, artificial flavors or preservatives. It’s natural dog food you can trust.

Grain-Free Recipe for Sensitive Stomachs

Some dogs have difficulty digesting grains like corn, wheat and soy. That’s why this Nutrish Chunks in Gravy formula is grain-free, making it gentle on sensitive tummies. The gluten-free recipe avoids fillers that provide little nutritional value.

Convenient Canned Food

The 13 ounce cans are perfect for feeding one dog for a few meals or dividing between multiple dogs. The resealable pull tab lid makes it easy to open and close to preserve freshness. The canned wet food can be served on its own or mixed with dry kibble. It’s portable for travel and easy to use when training or rewarding your dog.

Give Back to Animals in Need

When you purchase Nutrish products, you help pets in need. A portion of proceeds are donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which works to provide medical care, food and shelter for animals that have been abused or abandoned. So your purchase makes a difference!

Real Chicken and Veggies Recipe Key Features:

  • Made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient
  • Savory gravy with carrot and pea veggie pieces
  • Provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • Natural dog food with vitamins and minerals
  • Supports healthy skin, coat, joints and digestion
  • Grain-free recipe for sensitive stomachs
  • 13 oz resealable cans for convenience
  • Made in the USA with no by-products or artificial ingredients

Give Your Dog the Best with Rachael Ray Nutrish

Dogs are part of the family, so feed them like family with Rachael Ray Nutrish wet dog food. Real chicken and wholesome veggies provide great taste and nutrition in a quality recipe your dog will love. The convenient resealable cans make mealtime easy while the grain-free formula is gentle on sensitive stomachs. Plus, your purchase helps pets in need! Stock up on this Rachael Ray Nutrish Chunks in Gravy wet dog food today and nourish your dog with the quality nutrition they deserve.


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