QUMY Dog Boots – Protective Shoes for Large and Medium Dogs, Traction Sole and Adjustable Straps


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Protect your furry friend’s paws in comfort with QUMY Dog Boots. These rugged dog shoes shield paws from hot pavement, rocky terrain, and cold winter ground. The anti-slip sole provides stability on slippery surfaces, while the adjustable straps ensure a snug, customizable fit.

Made with high quality durable materials, these boots stand up to everyday wear and tear. The water resistant exterior keeps paws dry in rain or snow. Your dog can play and explore in all environments without risk of injury!

Anti-Slip Outsole for Secure Traction

Stability is so important for keeping dogs safe on walks. The anti-slip rubber sole on these dog boots grips slippery surfaces to prevent falls or skids. It also provides cushioning to absorb impact.

Small tread grooves give paws traction even on smooth floors or icy ground. With superior grip, your dog can roam and play without slips and tumbles.

Protects Paws from Hot/Cold Surfaces

Hot asphalt and freezing snow can quickly injure tender paw pads. The thick rubber sole on these dog shoes acts as a barrier against temperature extremes that can burn or crack paws.

The wool blend upper insulates against cold better than bare paws. Your dog’s paws stay shielded from harm even on rocky or icy terrain. No more limping home from walks!

Adjustable Fastening Straps

A secure fit ensures these dog boots stay on for full protection. Each shoe has two hook-and-loop fastener straps that tighten for a snug, customized fit. The wide split seam opening makes it easy to get paws in and out.

Reviewers love how the adjustable closure prevents their dogs from kicking the boots off. Your pup can run and play without losing a shoe!

Water Resistant Materials

Don’t let rain or snow soak your dog’s paws. The nylon and microfiber upper is coated to repel water. Paws stay nice and dry even on wet walks.

Excess moisture can lead to cracked paw pads in frigid winter weather. The water resistant exterior prevents this damage while keeping paws comfortable in damp conditions.

Fashionable Style with Paw Embroidery

Who says dog shoes can’t be cute as well as functional? These boots feature charming paw print embroidery on the sides. Choose from colors like red, blue, black and purple.

Neighbors and passersby will smile at your fashionable pup. Protect your dog’s paws without sacrificing style. Set them apart from the bland black boot crowd!

Ideal for Larger Dog Breeds

Specially sized for medium to large dogs, these boots fit breeds like Labs, Collies, Boxers, German Shepherds and more. Measure paw width and length, and refer to the size chart for the perfect fit.

Owners of big dogs love having full foot protection in a boot that accommodates larger paw dimensions. Shield those big pup paws from the elements in style!

With eight sizes available, you can find the right QUMY dog boots to keep your large or medium pup surefooted and injury-free. Their paws will thank you!

Designed for Everyday Wear

QUMY Dog Boots aren’t just for occasional use – they’re crafted to withstand regular walking, playing and adventuring:

  • Durable ripstop fabric exterior
  • Reinforced seams for longevity
  • Water resistant coating
  • Easy on/off adjustable straps
  • Anti-slip rubber sole for traction
  • Lightweight and flexible

We back our dog shoes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Buy with confidence knowing your pup’s paws are protected in quality boots built to last!

Shop QUMY Dog Boots Today!

Don’t risk painful paw injuries that can sideline your dog for walks and playtime. QUMY Dog Boots safeguard against hot pavement, rough terrain, and winter weather so your pup stays active and comfortable. Order a set today to keep those paws happy and healthy!


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