Queenmore Warm Quilted Dog Coat – Windproof Winter Jacket for Small and Medium Dogs


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Keep your furry best friend cozy and comfortable all winter long with the Queenmore warm quilted dog coat. This premium jacket is designed to shield against wind and cold while providing toasty warmth your dog will love.

The thick, plush sherpa lining retains body heat to maintain a comfortable temperature when outdoors. The polyester exterior resists wind and moisture. With handy storage pockets and an opening for a leash, it offers convenience along with warmth.

Wind and Cold Resistant Exterior

The outer layer of this dog coat is constructed from durable, windproof polyester. This woven fabric blocks out cold air and prevents wind from penetrating to the skin. Rain and snow also bead up and roll right off the surface.

Quilted stitching reinforces the polyester shell while creating an eye-catching pattern. This textured design makes a fashion statement while also trapping air for extra insulation. Form and function in one stylish package!

Plush Sherpa Interior Lining

Nothing beats sherpa when it comes to keeping pets warm and toasty! The inside of this dog coat is lined with a soft, thick polyester sherpa that provides a luxurious feel. Your dog will love snuggling into the plush interior.

The short dense pile effectively traps body heat next to the skin. No matter how cold it gets outside, your pup will stay perfectly warm and comfortable nestled in this sherpa-lined cocoon.

Handy Storage Pockets

This practical dog coat includes two roomy cargo pockets on the back for storage. The velcro closures keep items securely stowed. Use the pockets to hold waste bags, treats, a collapsible water bowl, or any other essentials you need on walks.

The storage pockets add functionality while the flap design gives visual interest. Form meets function with this detail that owners find extremely useful for daily walks.

Leash Access Opening

A small slit on the back provides access to attach your dog’s leash. This allows you to keep the coat on while retaining full control over your pup. No need to remove the jacket and risk getting chilled.

The leash opening is lined with a leather-like trim that protects against wear. It also prevents the hole from stretching out over time with use. This clever detail makes walks more convenient in cold weather.

Stylish Turn-Down Collar

Staying on trend, this jacket features a mock neck that can fold down for a stylish look. When snapped up, it provides full coverage over the neck for maximum warmth. Fold it down to expose the sherpa when temps are a bit milder.

The options allow you to adjust as needed for changing conditions. Reviewers love both the full turtleneck style and flipped collar fashionable appearance.

Designed for Small and Medium Breeds

Available in five sizes from XS to XL, this coat is tailored for smaller breeds. The cut is designed to fit compact body shapes. Make sure to measure your dog and refer to the size chart before ordering.

It works wonderfully for short-coated dogs like French Bulldogs, Whippets, Greyhounds, Boston Terriers, and more. The snug cut helps retain body heat better than a loose coat.

Convenience Features for Real Life Use

Practical design features make this coat easy to use on a daily basis:

  • Machine washable fabric is easy to care for
  • Velcro closures for easy on/off
  • Leash slit retains control during walks
  • Storage pockets hold essentials
  • Mock neck adjusts for changing warmth needs
  • Windproof and water resistant protection

Every detail was designed with convenience and comfort in mind. This jacket goes above and beyond just being cute and warm!

Keep Your Pup Cozy and Happy

Don’t let cold weather keep your dog stuck indoors. The Queenmore quilted dog coat allows them to enjoy outdoor time in any climate. The windproof, insulating design and handy features provide everything needed for winter walks and potty trips. Your pup will thank you!


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