Queenmore Dog Life Jacket – Ultimate Flotation Safety Vest for Swimming and Boating


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Does your water-loving pup sink like a rock? Do you worry about their safety when boating, swimming, or playing near water? The Queenmore Dog Life Jacket provides total aquatic protection and buoyancy for less-than-stellar swimmers.

This rugged vest surrounds your dog in lightweight flotation material to keep them afloat. Adjustable straps and quick-release buckles ensure a secure, custom fit. Now your dog can enjoy the water without fear!

On land and sea, this visible neon vest also boosts your dog’s safety. For aquatic adventures big and small, trust the Queenmore Life Jacket to keep your pup secure.

Superior Buoyancy Foam Keeps Dogs Afloat

This is no ordinary doggie vest – the flotation foam provides maximum buoyancy in water. Panels around the neck, belly, and back are filled with buoyant polyethylene foam.

This waterproof foam material keeps your dog’s head well above water, even if they get tired or disoriented. You’ll have peace of mind knowing this vest acts as a trusty life preserver in the water.

Dogs who aren’t natural swimmers feel much more secure trusting the vest’s flotation. They can relax and enjoy the aquatic fun instead of struggling to stay afloat.

Snug Fit Prevents Slipping or Twisting

For optimal safety, the vest must fit snugly and securely on your dog. This Queenmore vest is designed for a customized, stay-put fit.

Adjustable nylon straps tighten across the belly, ribcage, and neck areas. Sturdy quick-release buckles ensure you can achieve just the right tightness.

This full coverage fit keeps the vest from slipping, riding up, or shifting out of place – even during active swimming and playing. Your dog can romp carefree!

Reflective Accents and Bright Colors for Visibility

Even when not in the water, the vibrant colors and reflective details keep your dog visible. Bright neon shades like orange, yellow, and green contrast sharply.

Strategically-placed reflective strips shine when light hits for visibility day or night. Whether it’s evening walks or early morning fishing trips, this vest boosts safety.

For hunting dogs, the colors allow you to spot them against grass or brush. The vest performs double duty on land and water!

Durable Grab Handle for Quick Assistance

In case your dog needs a helping hand out of the water, a sturdy top handle makes it easy to lift them.

Just reach for the rugged handle and pull your soggy pup back into the boat or onto land. It’s also handy for boosting small dogs in and out of high vehicles.

A D-ring on the back secures your dog’s leash, allowing full control on the shore. Queensmore thought of everything!

Ideal for All Water Activities

The Queenmore Dog Life Jacket really shines anytime your dog will be swimming or boating. It’s great for:

⛵️ Boating and sailing excursions

⛵️ Paddling adventures in kayaks or canoes

⛵️ Trips to the lake, beach or pool

⛵️ Learning to swim or building confidence

⛵️ Fishing trips on the water

Don’t leave shore without this essential safety vest. You and your dog can both relax and have fun knowing they’re protected.

Grab This Canine Coast Guard Approved Vest

With five sizes from XS to XL, your dog is covered! Don’t wait to give them the aquatic protection they deserve.

Order the Queenmore Dog Life Jacket while your favorite color and size is in stock. Your water-loving dog will thank you for this essential summertime staple!


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