Queenmore Cable Knit Pullover Sweater – Cute and Cozy Turtleneck for Small Dogs


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Treat your small dog to luxurious warmth this winter with the Queenmore cable knit pullover sweater. This turtleneck sweater is expertly crafted from soft, thick acrylic yarn for comfort and warmth your pup will love. The classic cable knit pattern adds undeniable style while trapping body heat close to the skin.

Built for comfort with its stretchy ribbed hem and cuffs, your small dog can move freely while staying wrapped in coziness. Available in three stylish colors, it makes the perfect cold weather sweater for small breeds like Chihuahuas, French Bulldogs, Pugs and more.

Thick, Warm Knit Fabric

What sets this sweater apart is the premium quality acrylic knit fabric. It has a thick, dense feel that provides insulation against cold temperatures. The knit has a soft, smooth texture that feels great against your dog’s skin and fur.

The acrylic yarn is also engineered to provide stretch and flexibility. This allows your dog to move comfortably without restriction. The fabric retains its shape wash after wash so it will hold up well over many winters.

Timeless Cable Knit Pattern

Who can resist a classic cable knit pattern? The woven texture adds visual interest and dimension. It looks extra adorable on petite furry pups. Available in Grey, Pink and Green, it adds a pop of color to your dog’s winter wardrobe.

The cable knit is not just for looks – the woven design traps heat close to your dog’s skin, keeping their core nice and toasty. Style and warmth go hand in hand with this sweater!

Cozy Turtleneck Design

The turtleneck on this sweater provides optimal protection for your dog’s vulnerable neck area. The folded over collar seals in warmth around the neck and shields from wind and other elements.

The snug fit ensures coverage without constricting movement. Your pup can turn their head freely while staying cozy. Reviewers love the turtleneck for keeping their small dogs’ necks warm and comfy.

Full Belly Wrap for Complete Coverage

Unlike some dog sweaters, the Queenmore cable knit provides full belly coverage with its pullover design. When slipped over your dog’s head, it wraps around the belly for complete protection.

This ensures no part of your dog’s core is left exposed to cold air. The ribbed hem seals in warmth around the torso. Your pup will stay completely bundled from neck to belly!

Stretchy Ribbed Cuffs and Hem

The ribbed cuffs and hem play an important role in both fit and function. The ribs not only add style, but they grip the legs and belly to prevent cold air sneaking in. This seals in precious body heat to keep your dog extra warm.

Also, the ribbing provides stretch to allow easy on/off and unrestricted movement. Your dog can run and play without the sweater restricting mobility.

Ideal for Small Dog Breeds

With three size options, this cable knit sweater was designed for smaller dog breeds. It provides the right amount of coverage and warmth for little pups. The Small fits dogs with a back length of 8 – 12 inches and a chest circumference up to 16 inches.

Popular small dog breeds this sweater works great for include Chihuahuas, Miniature Dachshunds, Pugs, French Bulldogs, Pomeranians, and more. Make sure to measure your dog before ordering!

Designed for Safety and Convenience

Several thoughtful design features make this sweater a practical choice for real life use:

  • Machine washable acrylic knit is easy to care for
  • Stretchy ribbed cuffs and hem for easy on/off
  • Soft, flexible fabric allows full range of motion
  • Snug fit and ribbing prevent exposure to cold
  • Pullover style provides full belly coverage
  • No detachable parts that could pose a choking risk

This sweater goes beyond just looking cute – it’s crafted for real world use. The cozy cable knit pullover will become your small dog’s favorite cold weather layer!

Keep Your Pup Cozy and Cute

The Queenmore cable knit turtleneck sweater combines fashion and function to keep small dogs comfortable when temperatures drop. The premium fabric provides just the right amount of warmth while the classic knit pattern looks extra adorable. Show your petite pup some love this winter with this stylish pullover!


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