Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food With Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula – Nourishment They’ll Love in Every Bite


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Give your small breed dog the tailored nutrition they need with Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food. Made with high-quality protein, this shredded blend formula provides an irresistible taste and texture picky dogs love.

Nutrient-Dense Kibble Sized for Your Small Breed

The bite-sized kibble is perfectly sized for your small dog’s tiny jaws, making it easy to pick up and chew. The pieces are dense with essential nutrients to meet the unique nutritional needs of small dogs. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, providing a high-quality protein source to help maintain strong muscles.

Tender Shredded Pieces for Delicious Taste

In addition to the kibble, this formula features tender shredded pieces of real chicken. The enticing shreds add excitement to every bowl while satisfying your dog’s cravings. Your pup will love diving in for those tasty morsels.

Supports Digestive and Immune Health

This Purina Pro Plan formula contains guaranteed live probiotics to promote your dog’s digestive health. The probiotics support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. A healthy digestive system helps fuel your dog’s immune system, giving them the nutrition they need to stay strong.

Premium Ingredients You Can Trust

You can have confidence feeding Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food, which is made by Purina, a leading global name in pet care. Purina’s team of animal nutritionists and scientists have carefully formulated this recipe to meet the unique needs of small dogs. It has high-quality protein, optimal calcium and phosphorus levels, and antioxidants for whole body health.

Tailored for Small Breeds Under 25 Pounds

While all dogs have similar nutritional needs, small breeds under 25 pounds have their own special requirements. Small dogs need more calories per pound of body weight to fuel their active lifestyles. This Purina Pro Plan formula provides concentrated nutrition in a smaller kibble size made just for them.

Supports Healthy Muscle Maintenance

The protein-rich shredded chicken pieces along with 25% protein from the kibble help nourish your dog’s muscles. Chicken is a high-quality protein source that provides amino acids to help maintain strong, lean muscles so your dog stays active and playful.

Antioxidant Blend for Immune Support

This formula contains an antioxidant blend with vitamin E and other nutrients to support your small dog’s immune health. The antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and cause disease. A robust immune system will keep your pup feeling their best.

Omega Fatty Acids for Healthy Skin and Coat

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula contains omega-6 fatty acids and other nutrients to nourish your dog’s skin and coat from the inside out. The omega fatty acids promote skin and coat health to help your dog look their best.

Highly Palatable Formula

Even picky eaters get excited for mealtime with this tasty shredded blend recipe. The delicious chicken flavor and enticing texture make every bite irresistible. Satisfy your small dog’s cravings while providing complete and balanced nutrition.

Made in Purina-Owned U.S. Facilities

You can trust this dog food is high-quality since it’s made in Purina-owned facilities in the United States. The strict quality and safety standards ensure each bag meets Purina’s exacting nutritional standards.

100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition

Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Chicken & Rice Formula delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs under 25 pounds. You can feel confident it provides optimal nutrition in a recipe tailored just for your small breed.

Highly Rated by Pet Owners

Pet owners agree this shredded blend kibble provides excellent nutrition and irresistible taste. Read reviews praising the smaller kibble size, tender chicken shreds, and benefits for digestive health.

Give your small dog the delicious nutrition tailored just for them with Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Dog Food. The shredded chicken pieces provide taste excitement while the kibble delivers complete nutrition for your pup. For quality ingredients you can trust, choose Purina Pro Plan.


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