Purina Beef Puppy Chow – High Protein Puppy Food for Growing Dogs (4 Bags)


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Give your puppy the very best start in life with Purina Beef Puppy Chow. This premium dry puppy food provides complete and balanced nutrition specially formulated for your puppy’s first year and beyond.

With 30% protein from high-quality sources like real beef, Purina Beef Puppy Chow supports your puppy’s developing muscles and fuels an active, playful lifestyle. The tender, crunchy kibble also delivers the taste dogs love while making it easy for puppies to chew and digest.

Tailored Nutrition for Your Puppy’s First Year
The first year of your puppy’s life is crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong health and happiness. That’s why Purina Beef Puppy Chow is enhanced with nutrients similar to a mother’s milk to give your puppy the best nutrition right from the start.

DHA – Supports vision and brain development
Calcium & Phosphorus – For strong teeth and bones
Antioxidants – For a strong immune system
Omega Fatty Acids – For healthy skin and coat
This Healthy Start Nutrition helps set the stage for an active, energetic companion who’s by your side for years to come.

High-Quality Protein for Growing Muscles
Protein is essential for building strong muscles and fueling your energetic pup. Real beef is the #1 ingredient in Purina Beef Puppy Chow, providing high-quality protein that promotes lean muscle growth.

The 30% protein content meets the increased needs of rapidly growing puppies. Plus, it comes from trusted sources you can feel good about:

Real beef
Chicken by-product meal
Fish meal
Egg product
Protein from these animal sources gives your puppy an amino acid profile similar to a mother’s milk, supporting healthy development.

Delicious Taste Puppies Love
Puppies have particular tastes and textures they love most. That’s why Purina Beef Puppy Chow has a combination of tender, meaty bits and crunchy kibble. This dual texture satisfies your puppy’s cravings and makes mealtime fun.

Plus, the savory flavor of real beef builds upon your puppy’s natural preferences. Supporting his developing senses of taste and smell with flavors he enjoys makes a lasting, positive association with mealtime.

Formulated for Digestive Health
Like all young pets, puppies need a gentle transition to solid foods. The carefully crafted recipe of Purina Beef Puppy Chow is easy to chew and digest. This supports your puppy’s sensitive stomach while providing complete nutrition.

Prebiotics and probiotics also help promote your puppy’s natural defenses and healthy digestion. This digestive care helps minimize any tummy troubles during this transition period while nurturing the balanced gut flora all dogs need.

Convenience for Busy Pet Parents
Raising an energetic, growing puppy keeps pet parents on their toes! That’s why Purina Beef Puppy Chow comes in convenient 4.4 pound bags – the perfect size for fitting your puppy’s portion needs.

The resealable bag keeps unused food fresh while letting you easily pour out each meal. No need for lugging around a huge container or worrying about nutrition per pound. Each bag delivers complete Purina quality tailored just for puppies.

Give your beloved puppy the nutrition he needs to grow into a healthy, happy dog with Purina Beef Puppy Chow. Order a set of four 4.4 lb bags today!


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