PLUTUS PET Traffic Dog Leash – Short 10 Inch Leash for Large Dogs with Locking Carabiner and Padded Handle


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Keep your large dog safe and by your side in crowded areas with the PLUTUS PET Traffic Dog Leash. This short 10 inch leash is perfect for maintaining control over strong, powerful pullers while the locking carabiner clip and padded handle provide comfort and security.

Maintain Complete Control

The 10 inch length is ideal for keeping your large dog right next to you in distracting environments like busy sidewalks, pet stores, and veterinary offices. Short leashes give you much better handling over pullers, ensuring your dog walks calmly at your side instead of darting ahead or lagging behind. The short length also prevents tangling around your legs or furniture.

Locking Carabiner for Added Safety

The heavy-duty carabiner clip features a locking mechanism that clicks securely into place. It will not accidentally unclip or open, keeping your dog safely attached no matter how much he may jump or pull. The carabiner locks automatically when released from your hand or your dog’s collar for reliable security.

Comfortable Padded Handle

A soft neoprene handle covers the tough nylon hand loop, protecting your hands from burns or cuts from pulling against leather or metal collars. The padded grip makes it comfortable to hold even with constant pressure from a strong, lunging dog. No more sore hands or raw skin from tightly gripping a thin nylon lead during walks.

Reflective Stitching for Visibility

Reflective thread is sewn into the length of the leash so you and your dog can be easily seen at night. The reflective strip reflects light from car headlights, street lamps, and flashlights, providing an extra layer of safety when walking your dog after dark.

Durable and Reliable

Constructed from strong nylon webbing and high-quality hardware, this leash is designed to stand up to powerful pullers. The heavy-duty clip and reinforced connection points will securely hold dogs up to 150 lbs. Plus, it comes backed by a 1 year replacement warranty for peace of mind.

Perfect for:

  • Maintaining control over large, strong dogs prone to pulling
  • Keeping powerful canine athletes focused while training or competing
  • Preventing lunging or jumping during vet visits or in crowded areas
  • Giving service dogs clear directional cues in public spaces
  • Handling one large dog or two smaller dogs at the same time

Use With Caution:

  • Not recommended for attaching dogs to stationary objects, which can cause entanglement
  • Should only be used with properly fitted collars or harnesses to avoid choking
  • Not suitable for tying out dogs unattended, only use when holding the leash

Order the PLUTUS PET Traffic Dog Leash Today!

Don’t risk losing control over your powerful pooch in distracting environments. This short leash keeps your dog right at your side for safety and focus. The locking carabiner and padded handle provide a secure, comfortable walking experience. Reflective accents help you stay visible at night. Sturdy construction withstands daily use. Order now to improve training and enjoy more pleasant walks!


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