Pistha Dog Training Patches – Must-Have Accessories for Training Service Dogs


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Is your beloved service dog still getting distracted by strangers trying to pet them during training sessions? Are passersby unaware that your dog is diligently working and shouldn’t be interrupted? Well, it’s time to send them the message loud and clear with these high-quality dog training patches from Pistha!

With 6 different embroidered patches stating “Do Not Pet”, “In Training”, “Working Dog”, “Service Dog”, “Do Not Distract”, and “Ask to Pet”, these accessory patches will instantly notify people that your pup is on the job and not to be distracted.

Durable, Long-Lasting Materials

Constructed from tough woven polyester, these patches are made to withstand regular use and washing. The embroidered white lettering is securely stitched in place and will not fade or peel off over time.

Whether attached to your dog’s vest, harness, leash, collar or backpack, you can trust these patches to maintain their vibrancy and clear messaging even after countless uses. Rain or shine, these accessories will prominently display their important notices every time you and your service dog head out.

Ideal Size for Visibility

Measuring 4.3 x 1.6 inches (11 x 4 cm), these patch accessories are designed for maximum visibility but without being overly bulky or bothersome for your dog.

The compact rectangular shape allows the patches to be neatly arranged on any service dog gear, with plenty of room for other essential patches and accessories.

The lettering is bold and easy to read, ensuring that strangers immediately grasp the message to not interrupt your dog’s work.

Secure Adhesive Backing for Convenience

Applying these “Do Not Pet” patches is quick and simple thanks to the durable adhesive backing. Just peel away the protective film and press the patch firmly onto any clean, dry surface on your service dog’s gear.

The strong adhesive will form a long-lasting bond, so you can rest assured the patches will stay fixed in place. No sewing required!

This hassle-free application allows you to easily switch out patches between various vests, harnesses, leashes and more. Change your dog’s looks in an instant or replace any patches that sustain damage over time.

A Must-Have Accessory for Any Service Dog Handler

Having a well-trained service dog by your side provides security, independence and comfort. Make sure your companion keeps focused on their job with these essential training patches from Pistha.

The professional appearance commands respect while clearly indicating when strangers should not interfere. This allows your dog to fully concentrate on providing their valuable assistance and services.

Useful in a wide range of public settings when distraction could be dangerous, these patches help avoid stressful encounters that risk undoing months or years of specialized training.

Whether your medical, PTSD, seizure alert, hearing, mobility assistance or other service dog is still perfecting their skills or a seasoned expert, these patches are a must-have accessory for maintaining their attentive working mode.

Purchase Includes:

  • 2 “Do Not Pet” patches
  • 2 “In Training” patches
  • 2 “Working Dog” patches
  • 2 “Service Dog” patches
  • 2 “Do Not Distract” patches
  • 2 “Ask to Pet” patches

With 12 high-quality patches to choose from, you’ll have all the essential messaging needed to keep your service dog focused in any public situation.

Train on, and stay safe with these durable and easy-to-apply patches from Pistha!


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