Pirate Skull Flag Dog Bandana – Transform Your Pup into a Swashbuckling Buccaneer!


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Ahoy matey! Get your pooch ready for Halloween or any pirate adventure with our Pirate Skull Flag dog bandana. This adjustable triangle bandana features a printed Jolly Roger pirate flag design that will have your dog looking like a true seafaring scoundrel.

Sail the Seven Seas in Scary Pirate Style

The frightening skull and crossbones flag is an iconic symbol of pirate life. Now your pup can don the colors with this skull and crossbones bandana tied around their neck. The black fabric features a white printed pirate flag graphic with bold skull and bones in the middle.

Your precious pet will look ready to set sail on the high seas when wearing this pirate-themed triangle bandana. They’ll be dressed for swashbuckling Halloween fun or any pirate party or photo shoot. Ahoy!

Custom Printed Pirate Bandana

These pirate flag inspired bandanas are custom designed and printed in the USA just for dogs. The soft, lightweight fabric is cut into an adjustable triangle shape that ties around your dog’s neck.

The vibrant white skull and crossbones design really pops against the black background. The graphic stays looking crisp and clear even after machine washing.

Made from durable polyester, this doggie bandana can handle your pup’s paw-some pirate adventures!

Fits Most Dogs from Itty Bitty to Big ‘n Burly

Our one size pirate flag bandana is designed to fit most dogs from tiny pups to large breeds. The 22 x 22 x 31 inch size adjusts around neck sizes up to 23 inches.

For extra small dogs under 15 lbs, choose the 14 x 14 x 21 inch x-small size which fits necks up to 12 inches. Simply tie the bandana for a perfect custom fit.

Roll and fold the edges of the triangle for the ideal scaled-down look on small pups. Your dog will look adorable no matter their size!

Designed for Comfort and Safety

Along with stylish good looks, we made sure this bandana is comfortable for all day wear. The lightweight polyester fabric is soft on your dog’s fur. The loose tie design prevents rubbing or irritation on your pup’s neck.

For safety, always supervise your dog when wearing any accessory. Remove immediately if signs of distress or chewing. The pirate flag bandana looks cute but your dog’s wellbeing is most important.

Easy Care Between Adventures

Keep your pirate pup’s bandana looking its best by machine washing cold and line drying. The vibrant design holds up well to cleaning and regular use.

Toss it in the wash after romping at the beach, hiking trails, or pumpkin patch visits. Your swashbuckling sailor will be ready for their next adventure in no time!

Set Sail for Halloween Fun

You and your precious pirate pup will be ready for the high seas of adventure this Halloween! Pair the bandana with our matching pirate dog costumes for a complete look.

Your fearsome buccaneer will be the hit of any Halloween party or trick-or-treating. Neighbors and friends will get a kick out of your pup’s personality shining through.

With the Pirate Skull Flag bandana, your dog can embrace their inner Jack Sparrow all Halloween season long. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for them!


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