Pioneer Petcore Double Handle Traffic Dog Leash – Take Total Control of Your Furry Friend on Busy Walks and Ensure Safety!


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Keep your pup safe, secure, and by your side on every walk with the Pioneer Petcore Dog Leash. This heavy-duty nylon leash features two padded handles to give you total control over your furry friend on busy sidewalks, crowded parks, and high-traffic areas.

Dual Handles Provide More Control For Your Dog’s Safety

The Pioneer Petcore leash has a standard handle on one end for casual strolls and loose leash walking. When things get busy, grab the traffic handle toward the middle of the leash. This second padded handle keeps your dog right by your side with little slack, so they don’t dart into traffic or get tangled around objects or other dogs. The two handle design gives you flexibility and control for any walking situation.

Thick, Durable Construction Stands Up To Large, Powerful Dogs

This leash features a super tough woven nylon construction that’s 2.8mm thick and 1 inch wide. It can withstand pulling and chewing from even the strongest large breed dogs like German Shepherds, Boxers, and Great Danes. The traffic handle is reinforced for added durability.

Padded Handles Increase Comfort During Long Walks

The Pioneer Petcore leash has comfortable neoprene padding on both handles to prevent chafing and enhance your grip. The ergonomic handles make extended walks more enjoyable and prevent hand fatigue.

Reflective Threads Keep You Visible at Night

This leash has reflective stitching on both sides so you and your dog stay visible during nighttime walks. The reflective threads really stand out when illuminated by headlights, street lamps, and other light sources. This is a key safety feature when walking near roads.

Customers Recommend for Large and Strong Dogs

Many customers praise this leash for keeping control of their powerful large breed dogs like American Bullies, German Shepherds, and Pit Bulls. The dual handles provide extra leverage for restraining and steering dogs up to 110 lbs. Owners say it stands up to serious pulling without fraying.

“This leash is perfect for my high energy German Shepherd puppy. He wants to go everywhere and pull on regular leashes, but the traffic handle on this restraint gives me much better control of him in busy areas.” – Molly S.

“I have a very strong Great Dane that can easily snap standard leashes. This heavy duty woven nylon leash with two padded handles finally gives me the security and control I need for safe walks.” – Lucas T.

Vibrant Fun Colors – Available in 7 Styles

This functional leash comes in a choice of vibrant colors so you can match your dog’s personality and style. Choose from 7 colors including blue, pink, red, orange, green, grey, and black. There’s an option for both boy and girl pups.

Premium Quality Guarantee

Pioneer Petcore provides a 1 year replacement warranty if you have any issues with the leash. Their customer service will quickly ship a replacement. Customers say the company stands behind the quality and durability of this product.

Take Control of Your Dog’s Safety Today

Don’t risk your dog’s safety with a flimsy standard leash on busy roads and crowded sidewalks. The Pioneer Petcore double handle leash gives you the flexibility, durability, and control needed for safe, enjoyable walks with your furry friend. Order now and take total control!

Product Details:

  • Dual padded handles – standard and traffic control
  • Heavy-duty 2.8mm thick, 1 inch wide nylon construction
  • Reinforced traffic handle for added durability
  • Neoprene padding for comfort
  • Reflective threads for visibility
  • For large and powerful dogs up to 110lbs
  • 1 year replacement warranty

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