PHOEPET Reflective Pink Dog Harness – Control Pulling & Keep Your Pup Safe


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Is your dog constantly pulling on the leash, making walks a chore? Do you worry about your pup’s visibility on nighttime or early morning walks? As a loving pet owner, you want to keep your best friend comfortable, safe, and well-behaved on strolls through the neighborhood. That’s why pet parents like you rely on the PHOEPET Reflective Pink Dog Harness for all your dog walking needs!

This thoughtfully designed harness has numerous features to help reduce pulling, provide visibility, and give you better control. Key benefits include:

Stop Pulling in Its Tracks:
The front chest attachment redirects your dog’s forward momentum when they try to pull or lunge. This makes walks significantly more pleasant and less strenuous on your arm. The back leash attachment allows for standard walks too.

Reflective Accents for Safety:
The reflective straps ensure your pup is seen on night walks. Drivers will spot your dog from a distance, giving them ample time to slow down or stop. This added visibility provides peace of mind.

Secure Yet Gentle Fit:
The 3 quick snap buckles and 4 slide buckles ensure a customized, secure fit. Your dog steps right into the harness so there’s no need to pull it over their head which they dislike. The soft padded chest plate provides comfort.

Handy Handle for Control:
The sturdy handle on the back lets you maintain control when your dog tries to bolt toward something. It also helps lift pups in/out of vehicles.

Thoughtful Design Touches:
From the pretty pink color to the hypoallergenic padding, this harness is designed with your dog’s comfort, happiness, and safety in mind. It’s easy to put on and take off too!

With over 1,800 5-star reviews, pet parents agree this is one of the best no-pull dog harnesses on the market. Here’s what they’re saying:

“This harness is a game changer for my puller! She walks nicely now and isn’t choking herself. The handle helps when she lunges at squirrels. I feel so much safer walking her.” – Amy K.

“I love the reflective strips – cars spot my lab from far away even when it’s dusky out. The harness goes on and off easily without having to drag it over his head.” – Lucas T.

“My pug HATED harnesses til I got him this one. It’s so lightweight and padded he doesn’t seem to mind it. No more pulling on walks either which is awesome.” – Sarah W.

Dogs walk better and feel better in the PHOEPET Reflective Pink Dog Harness. Key features include:

  • Front and back leash attachments reduce pulling
  • Reflective straps for enhanced night visibility
  • Quick snap and slide buckles for easy on/off
  • Soft padded chest plate for comfort
  • Handle on back for added control
  • Fits chests 15 to 26 inches

Give your pup the gift of pleasant strolls and peace of mind with this thoughtfully designed harness. With its smart no-pull features, safety reflectors, and comfy fit, it checks all the boxes for both you and your dog. Experience hassle-free walks and strengthen your bond along the way.

Your beloved companion brings endless joy to your life. They deserve the best. Click Add to Cart now to get the PHOEPET Reflective Pink Dog Harness!


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