PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness with Front Clip and Reflective Strips – The Safest and Most Comfortable Walking Vest for Your Furry Friend


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Is walking your dog a struggle? Do they constantly pull and strain against their leash, making strolls stressful for both of you? A regular collar just won’t cut it if your pooch tends to lunge after squirrels or other dogs. What you need is a top quality no pull dog harness that keeps your pet secure while being comfortable for them to wear.

Look no further than the PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness! This brilliantly designed walking vest gives you maximum control over dogs who love to pull and tug during walks. It has two sturdy metal D-rings for leash attachment – a front one over the chest to deter pulling and a back one for regular use.

Key Features:

  • Front clip harness stops pulling and lunging
  • Reflective strips for visibility at night
  • Soft padded vest for ultimate comfort
  • Two heavy-duty metal leash rings
  • Handy top handle for extra control
  • Fully adjustable straps and quick release buckles

Walk Your Dog Stress-Free

The PHOEPET harness is specially designed to make walking your pet a pleasure, not a chore. When dogs lunge or pull on a regular collar, it can cause them injury and discomfort. But this brilliant no pull vest redistributes pressure across the chest and shoulders, preventing strain on the neck.

Your dog will absolutely love going for walks with this comfortable harness!

Stop The Pulling and Lunging

The genius of this design lies in the front leash clip. When you attach the leash to this ring, it gently turns your dog back towards you if they start pulling. This puts an immediate stop to any lunging or tugging. It also discourages them from straining against the harness, training them not to pull over time.

You’ll be amazed how fast it stops your dog from pulling – it just works!

Maximum Safety and Visibility

Dog safety is so important, which is why this harness has reflective strips sewn into the fabric. These reflective strips will light up at night when car headlights shine on them, keeping your pet visible when it’s dark.

You can relax knowing drivers will be able to see your furry friend during evening and nighttime strolls. The reflective strips could prevent accidents and injuries.

Ultimate Comfort Fit

This isn’t one of those uncomfortable harnesses that your dog will hate wearing. The PHOEPET vest is made from lightweight, breathable fabric with padding over the chest and belly for chafe-free comfort.

Adjustable straps and quick release buckles ensure you can custom fit the harness to your dog’s unique shape and size. It won’t rub or pinch them while allowing full range of motion.

Added Control When You Need It

The top mounted handle gives you extra control over your pet when you need it most. If your dog tries lunging after something, you can easily hold them back. The handle also makes it simple to restrain your buddy at busy intersections or guide them up stairs.

It even helps when loading into cars, allowing you to easily lift your pet onboard.

Sizing Guide:

  • Size S: Chest 13.7″ – 19.6″, Neck 9.8″ – 15.7″
  • Size M: Chest 15.7″ – 25.5″, Neck 11.8″ – 19.6″
  • Size L: Chest 19.6″ – 31.4″, Neck 15.7″ – 23.6″

Measure your dog around the widest part of their chest for the most accurate fitting size.

Order The PHOEPET No Pull Dog Harness Now!

If you’re tired of the struggle of walking a dog who pulls and tugs, this brilliant front clip harness is the solution. Both you and your pet will look forward to strolls in the park instead of dreading them. Plus, the reflective strips and handle provide peace of mind and extra control.

Your beloved companion deserves the best – order the safe, comfortable PHOEPET no pull dog harness today!


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