PFIXV Dog Shock Collar – The Safe, Effective, and Humane Way to Train Your Dog


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Training your dog to obey commands and behave properly is essential for both of your happiness and safety. But doing it humanely, without causing fear or pain, can be a challenge. That’s why the PFIXV Dog Shock Collar is such an invaluable tool for dog owners.

Innovative and Graduated Beep Function for Gentle Yet Effective Training

What makes the PFIXV collar so unique is the graduated beep function. When you press the remote, the collar first emits a quiet beep. If your dog does not respond, the beep gradually increases in volume up to the maximum level at 10. This allows you to get your dog’s attention and correct behavior without using any shock. Studies show that this progressive beep is the safest, most humane, and effective way to train dogs. It causes absolutely no pain or fear while teaching obedience.

Customizable Training with 4 Modes

The PFIXV collar doesn’t just rely on beeps. It has 4 customizable training modes so you can find the right correction for your dog:

Beep – Quiet to loud beep from 0-10
Vibration – Gentle vibration from 1-10
Static Shock – Low to high shock from 0-18
30% Shock Boost – For extra stubborn dogs
You can combine the beep, vibration, and shock as needed to reinforce training. The flexibility allows you to avoid using shock except as a last resort.

2680ft Remote Range Lets You Train Anywhere

The remote control has an incredible range, maintaining a strong connection up to half a mile away. Take your dog on hikes, to the park, camping, or anywhere without losing the ability to reinforce training. The long range gives you more freedom in training your dog off-leash. A security lock prevents accidental discharge.

Recharge Just Twice a Month

You never have to worry about the collar losing charge, even on long trips. The high capacity battery only needs to be charged 1-2 times per month. Fast charge it from any USB power source in 2 hours. Use a power bank, wall plug, or car charger. Wherever you go with your dog, you can keep reinforcing training.

Waterproof for Any Environment

Don’t let rain, lakes, beaches or surf stop your training. The collar receiver is made with waterproof materials to withstand any wet environment. Feel free to train your dog in the rain, ocean, or pool without harming the components. Water poses absolutely no issues for this durable, high-quality shock collar.

Easy to Read Display in Any Lighting

The remote has a large LCD screen with a color LED backlight so you can always read it clearly. See the exact stimulation level and battery life whether you’re outdoors on a sunny day or taking your dog for a nighttime walk. The backlight also helps you keep track of your dog’s location at night.

Safe, Comfortable, and Adjustable

While being highly effective at training, the PFIXV collar is designed for your dog’s comfort and safety. The electrodes have rounded contact points with smooth edges to prevent irritation. Adjust the collar with the buckle to get the perfect snug fit without choking your dog. Designed for dogs from 8 to 120 pounds.

Training Guide Included for Fast Results

To help you get the most out of the collar right away, a training guide is included. Learn how to use each mode and feature to train basic commands, walking manners, barking, aggression, and any other behavior issues. Combine the proven methods in the guide with the collar for fast obedience results.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Your investment in better training is backed up by a lifetime replacement guarantee. If any part ever malfunctions or breaks from normal use, just contact PFIXV for a free replacement collar.

Order the PFIXV Dog Shock Collar Today!

Stop struggling with ineffective yelling and leash corrections. Start training your dog the right way with this safe, humane, and highly effective remote training collar. You’ll see a well behaved companion and no more annoying or dangerous behavior issues. Order now to finally have the obedient dog you’ve always wanted!


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