PETTOM Short Dog Leash – The Perfect Walking and Training Lead for Medium and Large Dogs


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Taking your dog for a walk or training session? A short leash like the PETTOM Short Dog Leash is a must-have for keeping medium to large dogs close by your side. This 12 inch dog leash is made of durable nylon webbing that can withstand pulling from even the most excited pups. The super soft neoprene padded handle ensures comfort while maintaining control of your dog.

Designed for Better Control and Comfort

Walking dogs in crowded areas or near traffic can be nerve-wracking. A longer leash allows your dog to wander and potentially get into an unsafe situation before you can react. With the PETTOM short leash, your dog stays within a foot of your side for maximum control. The 12 inch lead is ideal for large and medium breed dogs that need more guidance when navigating busy streets or crowded parks. The short length allows you to quickly correct your dog’s behavior with less slack to work through.

The handle of this small dog leash features a neoprene padded cover. The soft padding protects your hands from abrasion while keeping a firm grip on the leash. Take your strong puller for a walk without hand strains or blisters. The neoprene also provides a comfortable, non-slip hold when wet from rain or your dog’s slobbery mouth. No more fumbling to maintain control of an excited dog.

Heavy-Duty Nylon Webbing Construction

This PETTOM dog leash is constructed from durable nylon webbing designed to be chew-resistant. The 1 inch wide webbed lead can withstand pulling and chewing from even aggressive chewers without damage. The strong webbing has a tensile strength over 1000 lbs – far more than enough for even the largest dog breeds like Mastiffs or St Bernards.

Don’t worry about your dog breaking free during those exciting squirrel chases. The sturdy webbed leash won’t snap or tear like cheaper rope-style leads. Feel secure walking your dog knowing this small leash can hold up to wear and tear over time. It also resists water so you can comfortably walk in the rain or after a dip in the lake.

Reliable Heavy-Duty Hardware

The hardware components on this PETTOM short leash match the high quality of the webbing. The sturdy bolt-snap clip at the end of the leash easily and securely attaches to your dog’s collar or harness. It connects with a satisfying snap and won’t wriggle loose even if your dog tries to back out of it.

The metal clasp has a shiny chrome-plated finish over solid brass construction. It looks great and has exceptional strength to avoid breakages. A 360 degree swivel ring where the clasp meets the webbing prevents tangling during walks and training. The smooth swivel action keeps the leash from twisting up – saving you hassle.

At the hand loop end, a heavy-duty slide adjuster and metal rivet provide durability in an often weak point of other leashes. The slide adjuster lets you easily tighten or loosen the loop size to find your perfect fit. No more fiddling with complicated adjustments to get the right grip.

Convenient Size for Training and Control

A 12 inch leash gives you better control over your medium to large dog in various situations:

Obedience training – Keep your dog close by your side when working on loose leash skills or polite walking manners. Easily issue voice commands and corrections.

Crossing streets – Minimize chances of your dog bolting into traffic by keeping them near your leg when crossing roads. Allows you to hold them back from darting out.

Crowds/Public places – Avoid your dog pestering or jumping on strangers by keeping them close in congested public areas. Short 12 inch length gives you control.

Excited greetings – Reduce leash tangling and jumping up by keeping your excited dog near your side when saying hello to people or other pets.

For the best fit:

The 12 inch size works well for most medium to large dog breeds between 30-100 lbs.
The 18 inch size is better suited for taller dog owners or very large breeds over 100 lbs.
The PETTOM short leash is a well-made and handy tool for dog owners looking for a little more control from their leashes. The durable nylon construction and comfortable padding pair with a convenient short length for better walking, training, and safety. Check the PETTOM Short Dog Leash on Amazon today if you need a sturdy and reliable short lead for your medium or large dog.


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